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Zastava M70 O-PAP Side Folding Stock?

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I am looking at the Zastava M70 O-PAP Rifle at J&G Sales and although I like the washed wood stock, I really love those East German Sidefolders :D:

I am not sure whether the trunnion is a normal AKM trunnion or if it's a bulged/RPK style trunnion. If it's a normal AKM trunnion I'm good to go, but if it's a bulged or RPK style trunnion, how can I mount a german sidefolder to her?


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I have one of the "original" mid 2010 PAPs ... They are the 1.5mm RPK stamped receiver with unfortunately the plastic furniture (I THOUGHT I was getting the beautiful teak wooden furniture with a great thumbhole stock and a nice forend too)... and have searched for over 3 years now. WAY before the PAP became a common gun with the Century models and high-capacity conversions etc. etc.

This stupid $#*#@*%$&&!! trunion /rear of the receiver is like absolutely one of a $*#**!$)^$ kind and you just can't find anything to replace the furniture with. It sucks lemons. I actually contacted Zastava Arms, was contacted back by the directors office, and told they had no problem sending me a set of furniture since I was under the impression I was getting it and it was a present for my dad and there was no more in USA and at the time, the miami based EAA distributors literally cursed at me on the phone ("What the F*)@ dont you understand??? There is no more. You're not F2$(#(@ing getting wood. So stop f*#(@*ing calling and bothering us).

They said the would be in contact with me in the next few weeks to get my info. This was early fall or late summer 2010.

Never again heard from them, have sent about 2 emails a year since, never a peep.

And still wears the stupid plastic furniture.
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are these chrome lined barrels ?
Mine is not chrome lined but as someone detailed in a separate post, they are like top of the line craftsmanship cold hammer forged barrels so while they may not be chrome lined (Because of the fact Zastava Arms decided they wanted superior accuracy and were looking to make 'the best' Kalashnikov they could, they decided against chrome lining)...these barrels are awesome.
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