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Yuwie promises to replace myspace and facebook because it pays the users based off of page views (in addition to a pyramid of referral views). The 3 intro videos can be found at:

The video basically says that if the RSR is $.50 for that month, you get paid $.50 for every 1000 views to your pages, or anyone in your pyramid of referrals. After about 3 days I have around 500 views, which is pretty much crap. Though I don't have referrals or any of that, so I guess if I had a ton of friends it might add up, but i don't. I'll keep it up but I doubt I will waste a lot of time on it, since im lazy and the pay rate is soo low at the start.

But on to the site, its ugly as all hell. As you can imagine, in order to pay people they need ads, and they have them everywhere! Everything from the normal annoying flash ads, popups (which chrome blocks, but i always see them being blocked), and even the annoying "skip this ad" ones...I've never used myspace, but compared to facebook it seems just over-the-top with spam to can supposedly paste in your myspace layout, but im too lazy for anything like that, plus those just make it uglier in my opinion.

Overall impression: good idea, poor execution, and a ton of ads. But ymmv, so I'm curious to see if any of you are getting better results, though I'll stick to my facebook.
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