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Hey guys i need a rifle and Im thinking the Yugo Underfolder Ak47 is the way to go for me, I have read good things about them and they have one for about $500 at my Local gunshop.

I am leaning towards an AK over an AR because the rifle is obviously cheaper and I know the thing is reliable. Im not debating the 2 and will probably get an AR down the road, right now Im looking for cost effectivness. I can get the rifle a thousand rounds under a grand and the AR i want is 1500.

This is my first (personally owned) rifle (excluding my 10/22) and i think im just in a hurry in case something happens so I want something in the assault rifle category. My questions would be is this an AK that i can put new grips on? something i can change triggers on put a rail system on, maybe a eotech? Im all about it being great OTB but would like to add to it over time (if we have time lol) and make it more mine and suitable for anything. Im not trying to ninja the thing out but would like to know the options or if there is a better way to go? Is this the right platform for this? i really like the fact that the stock folds under just so i can possibly throw it in a large backpack or whatever... Thoughts on this too?

Thanks again guys and sorry if someone has covered this before I didnt see much on what im looking for.

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