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How to Make Yucca Root Shampoo

SAPONARIA (Soapwort) soap

The Soap bark tree or Soapbark
(Quillaja saponaria)
The inner bark of Quillaja saponaria can be reduced to powder and employed as a substitute for soap.

soapberries or soapnuts
The fruit pulp is used to make soap.

The Soap Plant or Amole
(Chlorogalum pomeridianum)
The crushed bulb made a soapy lather that was used as a shampoo.

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I live in the desert where yucca grows in abundance. There are actually two types. The so called "sweet" yucca which is edible and actually quite tasty. And the "bitter" yucca which has a high saponin content. The bitter yucca does make fair shampoo. You can shred or pound it in some water to make suds. I've done this at the lake and it really does do a good job on my baby fine, dry hair.

I can't tell the difference in the sweet and bitter yuccas by sight. I can tell by cutting a sliver off and touching my tongue to it though. There's also a difference in smell, but I don't tinker with them often enough to be able to recognize them by smell. Sometimes when I go shooting in the desert, I'll bring back some yucca root to cook. About one out of four are bitter yuccas.

Digging the root out is a major undertaking and not something I would want to do often. I usually cheat and put a tow strap around the base of the plant and pull it out with the truck. Sometimes this doesn't work and I end up digging it out anyway, but with the plant out and a big hole started, it's a lot easier that way.
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