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I know I've seen them on Here But Can't find Them.. I've seen Jerry D. Youngs before and other's.. So If you all would Share Besides Food and Water.. Thanks Dave.

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Food, Water, First Aid Kit, Extra First Aid Supplies, Personal Hygiene Products (tooth paste toothbrushes soap etc.), Non Electric Items (manual can opener manual coffee grinder manual wheat grinder), Antibiotics, Cast Iron Cookware, Seeds, Self Defense Items, Oil Lamps, Lamp Oil, Fire Starting Equipment, Wood, BBQ, Charcoal, Charcoal Lighter, Trash Bags, Sewing Items, 1 oz Silver Bars, Extra Clothes, Dehydrator, Pressure Canner, Canning Jars, Alcohol, Coffee.

Think about everything you can not produce yourself and these are the tings you need to stock extra of.

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saftey pins, needles sewing thread, zippers, velcro.
magnifying glass,
fishing line and hooks,
disposable cuttlery bowls cups, paper plates,
sturdy shoes
baby clothes, diapers [dispoiable & cloth] feeding bottles, pacifyers, formula
childrens clothing & strong shoes
lots of food
more water than you think you can store and a means to clean and filter pond, river water
spare parts for your well
a means of defence
paper pens pencils
books for learning and for recreation
solar lights, candles, oil lamps, lamp fuel
hair combs, headlice comb, headlice shampoo, hair clippers

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If you are on prescription meds, you may want to start putting some back for a rainy day.

Also, look into growing your own herbs for medicinal purposes. I have all I need except for one and it's illegal.


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Here's my prep list.

Currently taking my 3 quarter as an EMT.
Taking blacksmithing classes and set up my own 19th centry forge.
Been sewing my own clothes for winter on my manual sewing machine.
Putting the finishing touches on my leather packback and pouches.
I'm down to 200# due to going to the gym 5 times a week.
Currently learning spanish.
Finishing up my degree in electronics engineering (online ugh)
Currently living monday - wednesday with no elecricity or public water.
Just bought a welder and am trying to figure out how it works lol.
Starting my non electric woodshop...slowly.
Finished my ethanol still that is in need of tweaking.

Oh yea and i got plenty of food water and ammo which are alot heavier and alot less portable then the above preps.
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