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Your Opinion of my potential BOL

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I live in Phoenix AZ. I've located a small town that I'd like to locate my BOL at. I think the site is pretty cherry, but I want to throw it out to you guys to shoot holes in it.

for OPSEC purposes, I'm going to be vague about the location, (that and I don't want a land rush until I get mine!). If you guess where it is at please keep your mouth shut, or PM me.

It is located 150 road miles from my house. About 3 hours travel time. There are two main ways into the area. The North route and the South route. Both routes are Secondary Freeways (read state highways not federal freeways.) The Northern route is a 4 lane highway the southern is 2 lane. About 100 miles down the road you make a turn off and travel the rest of the way down roads that are a combination of dirt roads and paved. Both roads have natural choke points that could be blocked. The northern road is impassable if not plowed in winter. This is important to me because I don't want to be on the migration path of a Golden Horde.

The area has a small town, mostly ranching and retirees. Land is cheap (about 15-20k an acre.) There is a milder climate then the rest of Arizona, with more rainfall then normal for down here. There is a very good aquifer supplying the entire area, fed by rain and snowfall in the mountains. Land is naturally Juniper and Scrub oak transitioning into oak and Pine. It's a good hunting unit with all the major types of game being represented. And a few creeks for fishing. Like I said, agriculture runs towards cattle, with small personal use gardening. I haven't seen any major cultivation.

The town has a population under 1k, Once again running towards the retiree age. There are three churches, one of which, (the biggest) is a LDS stake house. (I consider this a Big Plus). They seem towards the conservative side, (I saw a sign that said "U.N. Free Zone", another Plus!). They have basic utilities and have just had fiber run for highspeed internet. There is a small clinic that is served by a Nurse Practitioner who drives in a few days a week.

My plan is to buy a small lot, 2-5 acres, and start a vacation cabin/retirement home there. My official (read public) plan is to retire to my hobby farm there. Driving into the closest town (40 miles) to sell my produce to the yuppies on Saturday, catch a movie, shop at the Walmart.

For preps I plan to have a basement/shelter dug, 1+ years supply of food and slowly start building up my hobby farm infrastructure. I've considered purchasing goats and chickens then having them boarded by a local with the understanding that one day I'll want them in a hurry.

Total projected costs. $160000.

Thanks for reading Fire away.
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I live in Camp Verde which sound similar to the town your talking about. The main differinces being the population (10,000+), and amount of farmable land. A major downside of CV is that we have just alittle bit too many people to feed off the amount of land we have, and I-17 and 260 criss cross straight through town. Also Cottonwood is right next to us and if SHTF I'm sure we'd have most of those people flooding over here. A major plus thoguh is the abundence of native plants speicies that are edible (mesquite grows like a weed around here) and we have many large mines, both and abandoned and operational, which could be used for shelter and resources. The biggest plus for any town in AZ is water and the Verde River hasn't completely dried up in 30 years and that was once in a drought. If properly rationed the river could support most of the town. All in all I think I'm in a decent locations, just wish there less people and it was a little more out of the way. The town your talking about sound superior to my town in every way, but how big is the river? If a sinlge human being needs two gallons of water to just survive then think about all the water it would take to feed, wash, power, and cook an entire town. Like I mentioned the Verde River is just slightly too small to fill the needs of my town, and the towns up river could suck it dry before it ever gets to us.
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