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your guy's thoughts on 7.62x39 prices?

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just wondering what you guys think about future pricing re 7.62x30 ammo. I know it has come down quite a bit from the Obozo scare. Some great prices at CTD for Brown Bear, etc.

what do you guys think? is it going down further, or staying the same? hopefully, not going up!! :D:
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Best I can tell from talking to my wholesalers is that it will probably drop back to about where it was before the rush. Ammo has been rising in price steadily over the last few years though.
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thanks for the info/response Mike.

BTW, I am a methane refinery myself. I really doubt anyone can best my production. :)
I might not be able to best you, but I bet I could give you a good run for the money! :D:
The problem with Sportsman's Guide is that they overcharge on shipping and add a handling fee and heavy item surcharge to make their sticker price look lower than everyone else's. What you actually end up paying is usually as high or higher than many other dealers. I don't usually order any ammo from them anymore for that reason, unless it's an outstanding deal on something I can't get elsewhere.

If you want to save on ammo, call Cabelas. If you buy orders of $500 and up, their sales staff will usually work out much better prices and sometimes offer free shipping as an incentive. It's a sort of wholesale deal. A lot of gunshow dealers find a specific salesman to work with there and go in together on large orders. I guess they pay them on commission because when the guy starts getting high dollar repeat orders, he starts trimming prices bigtime for them. I've been in on a few buys like that and the savings are impressive, even on guns.
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You would be an idiot to order from them when its available from Peach state for $30 less:

$199 per K.
$223.95 after shipping. Doesn't sound like much of a savings to me.

I don't know why people don't factor that in, but companies like Sportsman's Guide know that people only look at the sticker price and use it to their advantage.
Dicks Sporting Goods (NJ/PA, & Nationwide??) has Wolf Mil-Classic HP at $5.97/box of 20. Shelf is marked $8.99/box, so grab some of this unpublished SALE pricing. This would be $150 FLAT (+ local sales tax for 500 rounds) and no shipping.
That's $300 a case. That price is higher than about anything I've seen so far. Even Ammoman, who is rarely the cheapest, beats that price by $40-60 a case depending on his prices at the time.
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