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your guy's thoughts on 7.62x39 prices?

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just wondering what you guys think about future pricing re 7.62x30 ammo. I know it has come down quite a bit from the Obozo scare. Some great prices at CTD for Brown Bear, etc.

what do you guys think? is it going down further, or staying the same? hopefully, not going up!! :D:
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I think $225 is rock bottom. You are buying new ammo, not something laying around uselss for a decade or more.

Ammo, future, and military rifles. Here is a better deal, reusable cases. I keep a reloading reciepe around just incase the import stuff gets snuffed. Nice to keep a few hundred brass cases around too.

More than a few guys at Calverton fire brass 7.62x39, and virtually all don't care for the spent cases.
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Golden Tiger seems to vaporize in 5 seconds once the pallet touches the concrete.

Before the 2008 august mess, all metals were very highly priced. Lead brass, steel, and many other metals used for chemical industries like sodium, sulphur, and mercury. Much more consumer and industrial growth in the past 10 years, expecially in Asia. Competition for materials is high. Economy tanking will subside this for awhile.

However, industry builds when it's cheap. IT's cheap to build now, so expect iron, nickel, copper, and other metals to go right back up.

The scrap market has been very hot for the past few years.

Combine this with the devaluing dollar and the increased demand in arms in Asia and Africa, your ammo will be going up. Not to mention increase market in the US due to more shooters of military rifles.
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MikeK, Oh I forgot we all have $200+ to spend on ammo these days...

At $10/hour I can't afford $200 at a 'pop'. I buy 200-500 at a time at the moment till I get my tax check. So for me (and a few others here 'm sure) buying 100-200 rounds for $.30/rnd may be great for testing/having fun with our Ak's/SKS's. IMHO.
Get a 22lr rifle that matches the weight, sights, and balance of your rifles. Great way to train cheap. Good 50 or 100 yard practice will get you far.
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