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Post your favourite Scottish bands and music.

Big Country, "In a big country".

Deacon Blue, a 20yr old song called "Dignity".
I love it....

This a funny charity video, the Proclaimers are really good guys.

There are many many bands and songs, please post your favourite.

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thanks Razor i needed a giggle:D:
No giggle from me. :(

Have you ever tried to play the pipes?
Perhaps after half an hour of trying to play them you might have a new found respect?

You'll notice those soldiers didn't use any music, they remembered those incredibly intricate sections.

Remember those men are soldiers first and musicians 2nd, my hat goes off to them.

IMO they (could quite literally) beat the snot out of the commercial music scene.

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As my post went in the same time as your one i didnt see the soliders, which i have much respect for, but you are right i get puffed out blowing up a paper bag and dont start me on balloons, and the bag pipes would probably be bigger than me im only tiny lol

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favourit scottish band:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

sorry but could not help it.

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Yes, I'm sorry that you couldn't help it.

Nothing positive to say, then why bother?

"The Relaxation Station"-Music.

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well it is in jokes,humour and music.

why bother= because its fun,im bored and i can:D:

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I don't know how to post videos from You Tube but here's some::thumb:

The Borders Boogie Band
Fish - (best known for Kaleigh(sp) when he was with Marillion)
The Silencers
David Byrne of Talking Heads is from Dumbarton
The Gin Goblins
Did you know Bon Scott (AC/DC) was born in Kirriemuir
The Exploited- THE original Scottish Punk band (supported The Foo Fighters)
Win's Freaky Trigger
Orange Juice
Roddy Frame
Mike Heron & The Incredible String Band (for all you old Hippies out there)
Deacon Blue (as mentioned by YB) 'sept I filmed a live gig of theirs in Glasgow and worked on a few of their videos back in the day.
Proclaimers (same)
Shooglenifty - Straight Razor would love these guys. Acid bagpipes.
John Martyn
The Rezillos
del Amitri
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
The Jesus and Mary Chain
Wet Wet Wet
Simple Minds
Teenage Fanclub
Bay City Rollers
Primal Scream
Big country
Trash Can Sinatras
Altered Images
Aztec Camera
Eddi Reader
Goodbye Mr Mackenzie
Fire Engines
Arab strap
Cocteau twins
The Skids

and I'm not sure if some or any in these are Scots but they are brilliant and should be included in ANY list:

The Waterboys
Hothouse Flowers.

So there's a good few there for you to google or You Tube.
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