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***NOTE this is a work in progress, I will add, refine and improve as I go. It is a massive subject and I am not yet done. Additionally, although it is in it's current state not finished - I request that it be made a sticky due to the importance of the information it contains - afterall what is more important to us than our children?***

Dear parents or parents to be, congratulations on your pregnancy / baby, but before you begin to do as everyone else does, you may first want to review some things.

Your child has been born into a world where the powers that rule the world have openly stated that the "world is overpopulated", where the powers that be have conjured up "agenda 21", , who have erected the Georgia Guidestones which, scribed upon them are the words "1. MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000 IN PERPETUAL BALANCE WITH NATURE", which is half a billion - a six and a half billion drop from todays approximately seven billion souls worldwide. A world where humanity is spoken of as a cancer on the face of the earth.

This is a world where one of the writers of the book "Ecoscience: Populations, Respurces, Environment", which talks of ways to reduce the population is the science czar to the Obama administration.

A world where upon birth, your child will have a birth certificate assigned to it - just like any other kind of common stock, for this is a legal document which gives ownership to the state, and which also serves as the documentation affirming the child as collaterol for the loans issued to the state, by private banks, at interest.

Your baby is going to have a very hard time in this world, where they are threatened by things undreamed of by generations past. It is up to YOU to research the evidence so far accumulated, and to make choices based on your own findings and conclusions. To question everything.

We can see that the powers which run the world are not as overjoyed as you about the new life ("useless eaters") you have brought into the world.

Keeping in mind the words of the first tenet of the Georgia Guidestones, let us review some of the ways in which they attempt to reduce our numbers.

THE SOFT KILL: A strategy to reduce the world population via sterilants and carcinogens in food, water and the environment.

FOOD: Chemicals, altered foods (Genetically Modified Organisms), and the introduction of non foods and unsafe foods into the human diet. With the view to disrupt the fertility of the male and female, to trigger disease and to render the subjects less agressive (a survival mechanism) and more passive and docile.

Exhibit A: Soya products and soya derivatives.

The soya bean is not safe for human consumption, harming both adults and particularly children, mostly babies and most of all baby boys.

It can be found in infant formula, in multitudes of commercial food stuffs as an emulsifier, and as the main ingredient in foods like tofu.

The lists goes on and on, be advised that soya derivatives are everywhere - look at the ingredients on bread, chocolate bars, biscuits, and on, typically it is listed as an emulsifier, or as 'soya flour', and can be seen under the 'allergy advice' area on the food packaging.

Exhibit B: Melamine.


Melamine is combined with formaldehyde to produce melamine resin, a very durable thermosetting plastic used in Formica, and melamine foam, a polymeric cleaning product. The end products include countertops, dry erase boards, fabrics, glues, housewares, dinnerware, cooking spoons, guitar saddles, guitar nuts, acoustic foam paneling, and flame retardants. Melamine is one of the major components in Pigment Yellow 150, a colorant in inks and plastics.


Melamine is described as being "Harmful if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Chronic exposure may cause cancer or reproductive damage. Eye, skin and respiratory irritant".

Chronic Toxicity

Ingestion of melamine may lead to reproductive damage, or bladder or kidney stones, which can lead to bladder cancer.

Surplus melamine has been an adulterant for feedstock and milk in mainland China for several years now because it can make diluted or poor quality material appear to be higher in protein content by elevating the total nitrogen content detected by some simple protein tests.

Melamine poisoning by tainted food

Melamine has been involved in several food recalls after the discovery of severe kidney damage to children and pets poisoned by melamine-adulterated food.

Why is melamine in baby formula, your food -- and your pets' meals?

Exhibit C: Potassium Bromate

Exhibit D: Aspartame


Exhibit A: Fluoride

Other chemicals


Exhibit A: Bisphenol A (BPA)

The Disappearing Male

Exhibit B: Formaldehyde

Washing up liquid

Artificial flooring

Exhibit C: Pthalate Esters

Air fresheners


There is so much on vaccines that it is just horrendous, here is a start.


Also, remember that if your baby now has a 'birth certificate' that is basically the pink slip for the government - who now (in their eyes of legality) own him or her, it also serves as a document for collaterol of loans to government from the private banks.

Links of interest:

To those who doubt the dangers I say this - I have read a number of sources which refute or play down the dangers - I am not convinced, especially when I see who they are affiliated with and who benefits, I also invoke the precautionary principle - Why take the chance of harm if it is not even neccesary to do so? I have no interest in debating this issue personally and advise that these are topics which each of us must consider for ourselves and make individual choices.

Finally, if anyone has any further information or links they would like to share, and / or to be interpolated into this post please go ahead and post them. I will do my best when I can.
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