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XD .45 or M&P .45???

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I am going to buy a polymer .45 acp. The question now is what is the better all around gun, the XD or the M&P?
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M&P Is more adaptable, I think the trigger pull is better. Its mad in America

XD is great to, cant say a bad word other then Springfield armory wont sell replacement parts.

Either weapon will provide years of valuable service and extreme reliability. Cant go wrong

Pick what one feels best in your hand and has the easiest point ability.
Have you guys worked with the interchangeable grips at all on the M&P's? Have anything to say like a yay or nay?

There great, work well , fit well, the trigger is awsome, made in america, its all stainless, great weapon.
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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