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XD .45 or M&P .45???

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I am going to buy a polymer .45 acp. The question now is what is the better all around gun, the XD or the M&P?
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I'm new here, but thought that I would throw my opinion in.

I did a whole bunch of reviewing threads, and research in general, before purchasing my XD-9SC. I knew that I was interested in something that would work easily for conceal/carry, that was my main concern. The price was a bonus on the XD, but ultimately what made me decide to get the XD was just the grip and ease of sight aquisition. The option of a compact mag and full length/extended mag gave it a tailor-made fit either for concealability or comfort. I understand that the M&P has some version of a changeable grip that allows your hand to conform better. So there are a couple options to weight out. I would suggest that after you read up on some of the mechanical aspects of the pistols and get some idea of those pros and cons, in the end you should handle various versions of both models if you are still unsure.

Hope this helps.... ;)
Have you guys worked with the interchangeable grips at all on the M&P's? Have anything to say like a yay or nay?

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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