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Miss Becky, Thanks for the link!
This SHOULD be a wake up call, but it won't be. Many folks welcome and celebrate the slow but sure, incremental Islamification of the USA.
In the name of tolerance and diversity, we here are slowly losing our culture, and our long-held traditions.
But the difference here, is that Islam wants, and must dominate western culture. They are commanded to replace the US law base with Sharia law, as it's the ONLY law acceptable to them.

However, there are enough folks left here that still value what the USA was founded upon, and what freedom stands for. And there are plenty of women here that do not want to be subservient to Sharia law and men.

The real danger is if Sharia law is allowed to usurp our constitution someday.
Then ONLY a grassroots uprising will be able to stop this craziness.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts