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an email was sent to to me today that made my stomach jump a little. THe anti-gun zombies are acting very quickly about this. everyone be aware please.

The below is ominous...for folks in Mobile, your Senators are in district 33, 34 and 35...others, click on "District" at the top of the page and find your Senator; ALL of you must call opposing's the list:

and here's the legislation:

Now, READ the information in the body of the message below for the warning...and, please call to oppose this and any other bill like it!!! No one else will do it for you....

"...The RIGHT of the People to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed...."
Subject: FW: Anti-gunners already attacking your guns!

Subject: Fw: Anti-gunners already attacking your guns!

Remember how Obama said that he wasn't going to take your guns? Well, it seems that his minions and allies in the anti-gun world have no problem with taking your ammo!

The bill that is being pushed in 18 states (including Illinois and Indiana) requires all ammunition to be encoded by the manufacture a data base of all ammunition sales. So they will know how much you buy and what calibers. Nobody can sell any ammunition after June 30, 2009 unless the ammunition is coded. Any privately held uncoded ammunition must be destroyed by July 1, 2011. (Including handloaded ammo.) They will also charge a .05 cent tax on every round so every box of ammo you buy will go up at least $2.50 or more!

If they can deprive you of ammo they do not need to take your gun!

This legislation is currently pending in 18 states: Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington.

To find more about the anti-gun group that is sponsoring this legislation and the specific legislation for each state, go to:

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While yes, everyone should be against this, it is not new. Hawaii started a bill like this last January. Maryland stopped it in Feb of this year. Alabama was looking into it in April of this year. Mass. was working on a bill like this in 2007. New Jersey was working on a similar bill in April.

So, nothing new here, but everyone should check with their state and see if they need to write to their local congress person and let them know their feelings.

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