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Worst Dream Ever

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I seriously have to stop reading stuff on here late at night, i always lay in bed with my blackberry and read up on whats going on.

well last night i had a dream and i am still not 100% sure what happened but this is what i remember.

i was on a bus i think coming back from a field trip because one of my teachers was on there, and the first thing i noticed was that my phone like went crazy and i pulled out the battery and it kept like playing this weird music. but for whatever reason i just brushed it off and forgot about it. After that a t.v. on the bus just went dead and then we saw a huge missile go up in the air.

Now the radio was going on the bus and i was yelling for everyone to shut up so i could see what was going on, and then my teacher told me that 80 missiles were launched but i dont know by who.

so then i don't remember how but i ended up in front of my house and i immediately saw all of our cars in the driveway so i knew my family was there, but the house was like gone, there was just a bunch of rubble. and then i saw these Rubbermaid totes and i went over to them and they were filled with napkins:confused:. so i had no preps or guns, and i started looking around for body bags but did not see any.

then all of a sudden i noticed about 30 people gathered at my neighbors house and i saw my family, they were handing out guns out of the back of a van. I remember them saying sks even though the guns looked more like m1's but i remember getting a lever action and this little .22 revolver that i stuck in my sweatshirt pocket, (it was weird because i wasn't wearing a sweatshirt before i don't think).

then every one was walking towards a school that was kinda messed up i don't know how to explain it really. But anyway everyone started to sit down and start talking and i went to go and find out some stuff.

Well i saw a football stadium like in the middle of no where and i went in there and i saw all my friends on the bleachers acting like nothing was wrong which i found kinda weird. and then some naked girls walked past,:confused: (best part of dream :D:) and anyway i left and walked back to where my family was sitting and for some reason people were using I PADS, i don't know why because before i thought there was an emp with my phone and the tv on the bus.

then i remember standing in a line registering guns for some reason and my dad saying that we are screwed because he is a felon, but my dad isn't a felon and we've never had problems buying guns so that confused me.

but somehow we got through and they gave us 2 more handguns which my dad gave one to my brother and one to my mom, and my mom has never touched a gun in her life but she seemed really proficient with it for some reason and she had no objection to having it.

and i have no idea what happend after that. weird dream but people always seem to find points and tips in these things so i decided to post it.
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I'll post my dreams next, probably tomorrow if I have a funky dream tonight!
I sleep with the tv on so I had The First 48 dreams last night. They were not pleasent. I think I got killed by a rock in a sock in prison.
Haha, my dreams are just like that! They jump all over the place and make no sense. Like im being chased down a hill by zombies and then all of the sudden i turn into frodo from lord of the rings and we are battling storm troopers but oh no now im fighting next to han solo.
I think this sort of thing happens to most of the people on this forum. Most of those probably don't remember the dreams for long, or don't remember at all. I started a thread on survival/prepping dreams and got few responses.

Your everyday concerns color what you dream about, and if every day you are concerned about (insert disaster), then it makes sense it will manifest in the chaos of dreams. Like yours and mine, I would imagine the vast majority are not pleasant.

But it is always really cool to hear about other people's dreams.
Its a darned sad world where young men dream of anything other than girls!

Now for an old pessimistic fart like me... my dream log says I've had 9 prepping or post-apocalyptic dreams in the last 15 nights, but only one orgy. lol
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Its a darned sad world where young men dream of anything other than girls!

Now for an old pessimistic fart like me... my dream log says I've had 9 prepping or post-apocalyptic dreams in the last 15 nights, but only one orgy. lol
lol... true indeed. Although, I'm sure if he kept dreaming he would have eventually made his way to the girls. :D::D::D:
Dreams sometimes have hidden meanings. Think about your dreams, study them, learn from them. The dream you shared tells me your worried about your friends not paying attention to current events, and your family not as prepared as you would like.:cool:
It is close enough to the full moon for me to have some really weird ones. I usually wake up and wonder where I am. When they start to get close to reality I get a little jumpy.

I dreamed I was surrounded with jumping baby goats one night and couldn't get up. The next day 3 of our goats kidded within hours. That was easter Sunday 2 years ago, and I spent it in the goat pen and didn't get to make Easter Dinner. I just realized that I have a few does due soon and it is almost Easter. YIKES!!!! :eek::eek::eek:

I usually have dreams of wondering around in tunnels. Odd part is that I am slightly claustrophobic and in my dreams it doesn't bother me. I also am deathly afraid of heights and often dream of mountain climbing.:xeye: Wish that would carry over to real life.:D:
Shirley McClain once had a dream of being chased by a gorilla. She ran for her life but finally was cornered. She turned to the gorilla and asked: "What are you going to do to me?" The gorilla stopped and said: "I don't's YOUR dream!"
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Oh man, I had a crazy prep SHTF dream the other night, and a few weeks prior, some freaky stuff man.
I sleep every night with old Seinfeld dvd's...makes me forget the Bad news and Sleep good!:thumb:
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