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Wood Burning Stoves

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All, starting this thread in order to draw on prodigious Community knowledge we have access to. We are looking to purchase and install a wood burner in our home to have a secondary heat source. In the Generac thread I posted the backlog/shortage of product that manufacture is experiencing so plan B (which was going to be tertiary option) of a wood burner jumped to th front of the line.

In researching wood burners I came across the info of a 26% Tax Credit for the unit (from an approved EPA list) and install. If your unit meets efficiency guidelines you can reduce your outlay by a chunk.

We are leaning towards the US Stove brand . My concern is that we may not be able to cook on the unit. Also assuming electricity goes down, how do I keep the blower going without a generator ?

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new EPA stove don't like green wood , they are meant to burn hot enough to burn even the smoke . green wood likely won't get you to those temps. no smoke means very little creosote and the most heat from the wood you work so hard to bring in.
these are good to have if you burn wood , you light it like a flare and put in the stove if you have a chimney fire in progress . the chimfex will put the fire out.
I've never had to use mine but it's near my stove if I ever do.the high temps of a chimney fire will often damage the chimney and could burn down the house .having intentional chimney fires is foolish. buy a brush and clean the chimney as needed.

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wood burns best at a moisture of 20% or lower . and this how you can tell if your wood is good and dry .
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Here is a wood chart. it tells us the BTU'S the wood can provide and about how long to dry the wood species

Common NameSpecies NameWeight(lbs./Cord)MBTU/CordMonths to Dry
Osage Orange (Hedge)Maclura pomifera4,84530.012
Oak, GambleQuercus gambelii3,81828.036
OliveOlea europaea4,20526.724
AlmondPrunus dulcis4,29826.724
Hop Hornbeam (Ironwood)Ostrya virginiana4,25026.424
Persimmon, AmericanDiospyros virginiana4,16525.836
MesquiteProsopis cineraria4,09925.524
Hickory, ShagbarkCarya ovata4,08025.324
TanoakNotholithocarpus densiflorus3,74025.112
Dogwood, PacificCornus nuttallii3,99524.824
Holly, AmericanIlex Opaca3,99524.818
Pine, PinyonPinus edulis3,07424.712
Birch, BlackBetula lenta3,91024.218
Oak, WhiteQuercus alba3,91024.236
Madrone, Pacific (Arbutus)Arbutus menziesii3,82523.712
Oak, PostQuercus stellata3,82523.736
Locust, HoneyGleditsia triacanthos3,82523.724
Hickory, BitternutCarya cordiformis3,82523.724
Beech, Blue (Ironwood)Carpinus caroliniana3,82523.724
MulberryMorus rubra3,74023.218
Locust, BlackRobinia pseudoacacia3,74023.224
Maple, SugarAcer saccharum3,74023.224
Beech, AmericanFagus grandifolia3,65522.712
Oak, Oregon (Garry)Quercus garryana3,65522.736
Oak, Bur (Mossycup)Quercus macrocarpa3,65522.736
Oak, RedQuercus rubra3,57022.136
Birch, YellowBetula alleghaniensis3,57022.124
PeachPrunus persica3,53321.924
Pear, BradfordPyrus calleryana3,49021.624
Ash, WhiteFraxinus americana3,48521.612
Myrtle, Oregon (Pepperwood)Umbellularia californica3,48521.612
AppleMalus domestica3,48521.624
Ash, GreenFraxinus pennsylvanica3,40021.112
Maple, BlackAcer nigrum3,40021.112
PecanCarya illinoinensis4,17221.124
Plum, EuropeanPrunus domestica3,40421.124
Walnut, BlackJuglans *****3,23020.012
Maple, RedAcer rubrum3,23020.012
Ash, OregonFraxinus latifolia3,23020.012
Birch, White (Paper)Betula papyrifera3,23020.024
Tamarack (Larch)Larix laricina3,14519.512
Birch, GrayBetula populifolia3,14519.512
HackberryCeltis occidentalis3,14519.58
Elm, SiberianUlmus pumila3,12819.212
Juniper, Rocky MtnJuniperus scopulorum3,14519.56
Cherry, BlackPrunus serotina3,14519.512
Coffeetree, KentuckyGymnocladus dioicus3,06019.024
Sorrel (Sourwood)Oxydendrum arboreum3,06019.018
Elm, RedUlmus rubra3,06019.018
Eucalyptus (Red Gum)Eucalyptus camaldulensis2,97518.412
ChestnutCastanea sativa3,00018.012
Elm, AmericanUlmus americana2,97518.418
Sycamore, AmericanPlatanus occidentalis2,89017.912
Maple, Big LeafAcer macrophyllum2,89017.912
Elm, White (Russian)Ulmus laevis2,89017.918
Ash, BlackFraxinus *****2,89017.912
Boxelder (Maple Ash)Acer negundo2,89017.912
Pine, Norway (Red)Pinus resinosa2,89017.96
Fir, DouglasPseudotsuga menzies II2,80517.412
Maple, SilverAcer saccharinum2,80517.412
Fir, GrandAbies grandis2,38817.312
Pine, PitchPinus rigida2,63517.06
AvocadoPersea americana2,71216.818
Pine, LodgepolePinus contora latifolia2,46515.36
HemlockPinaceae tsuga2,46515.312
Spruce, BlackPicea mariana2,46515.312
RedwoodSequoia sempervirens2,81415.012
Catalpa (Catawba)Catalpa speciosa2,38014.812
Pine, PonderosaPinus ponderosa2,38014.86
Alder, Red or WhiteAlnus rubra or rhombifolia2,38014.818
Pine, Jack (Canadian)Pinus banksiana2,38014.86
Spruce, SitkaPicea sitchensis2,38014.812
Pine, White (Idaho)Pinus monticola2,23614.36
Fir, Concolor (White)Abies concolor2,29514.26
Basswood (Linden)Tilia americana2,21013.712
Aspen, American (Poplar)Populus tremuloides2,21013.712
Butternut (White Walnut)Juglans cinerea2,12513.212
Pine, White (Eastern)Pinus strobus2,12513.26
Fir, BalsamAbies balsamea2,12513.26
Cottonwood (Poplar)Populus trichocarpa2,04012.612
Spruce, EngelmannPicea engelmannii1,95512.112
Cedar, Eastern (Redcedar)Juniperus virginiana1,95512.16
Buckeye, OhioAesculus glabra1,95512.112
Cedar, White (Whitecedar)Thuja occidentalis1,87011.66
BambooPoaceae bambusoideae1,61510.06
BalsaOchroma pyramidale9355.86
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I only take dead trees that don't appear hollow . the hollows are left standing for wildlife housing and shelter. this week I've been cutting storm damaged maples in the river bottom , this wood will be burned in 2026 .
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I burn bones from dinner on a very hot fire , then when cool I remove them from the ash, crumble in hand and use as a fertilizer. it adds phosphorus to the soil . buying bone meal is expensive.
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