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We got our first snow of the season today and it got me wondering if my car kit is up to snuff. Its pretty bare bones now that i look at it and will need some work. Heres what i got...

Booster cables
Spare, jack and wrench of course
Extra socks and gloves
matches and candles
small snow shovel
rudementary tool kit with screwdriver, vise grip, pliers, and wrench for battery.

What do you keep in the car, what should i think of adding. I live on the north east coast.

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I'm in a mountainous area with miles of private roads.

My kit in the truck:
The usuall: jack, jumpers, flares, tie downs, etc.

All season:
Recovery / tow strap
6 foot steel prybar
Gloves n goggles
Bag of fudge covered ghram crackers
FRS radio

Winter additions:
Chainsaw with gas and bar oil.
Tire chains
Harbor suit and muckboots
A flask of rocket fuel (usually bushmills)

I also have my truck rigged with offroad spot lights, a 1000w inverter, and have a hitch mount winch. Most of this is because of where I live and work. I'm not worried about getting stranded, more getting "delayed". I can walk from work to home in 45 minutes... But it sucks to have to walk a mile sans rain gear to get a chainsaw then walk back with it because there is a tree across the muddy road.

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Some caned food. Water. mess kit. I know this maybe to you a little much and dont know how much room you have. Maybe a small portable stove dual fule incase you run out siphon from gas tank. A siphon. Bag of sand/kitty litter.

Definetly a first aid kit. one of those small batt. chargers!

You could store alot of it in the cooking pot. Oh yeah cooking pot!!

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If you're in one those areas where you could get stranded for a significant period: the blanket is good but a mummy bag rated to 0 is better (there are very reasonably priced ones available nowadays at places like and throw 3-5 chemical handwarmer packets (Walmart sporting goods dept.) in there with it (throw one of these, once activated, in the bag with you and stay cozy for 8-10 hours each. Change them out annually, they are about $1 each). Water is essential. An extra prepaid cell phone along with your radio (don't forget extra batteries tucked in there somewhere for the radio or change them periodically to make sure they are fresh).

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Here's my Winter truck kit:

Inside Cab
FAK/Rx & OTC meds/Heat Packs/Candle Lantern
Personal ID (In case I'm not in my truck)
Potty kit/Pail/Trash bags
Parka/Snowpants/Gaiters/Balaklava (Space bagged)
Boots/Gloves/Hat/Earband/Spare Insoles
'Emergency' Reading Material:D: (For waiting it out:rolleyes:
Road Maps/Topo Maps/Compass/Mirror
Rain Gear/Duct & Electrical Tape
Cash & Change/Prepaid Cellphone
Small Duffle (sweatshirt/pants, unders, long unders, socks, pants, T-neck, toiletries). In case I get stranded near a hotel.
Food & Water
Horse Halter/Leadline
Sleeping Bag/Blankets
Baby Wipes/Paper Towels

Tools In Truck Bed

Shovel/Axe/Wrecking Bar/Saw
Heavy Rope/Tow Straps/Chain
Wheel Block/Jack/Tire Tool
2 Spare Tires/2-gal Fuel Can/Siphon
Tarp/Foam Pad/Rags/Bungies
Foot-op Tire Pump/Repair Kit
Jumper Cables/Power Source
Oil/Antifreeze/Brake Fluid/Steering Fluid/Washer Fluid
Funnels/Deadblow & Claw Hammers
Coveralls/Work Gloves
Triangles/Road Flares
Windshield Cover

Studded Tires (spare, also).

I'm sure there are a few more little things I forgot to mention.

It all packs nice and I still have room to carry four people if I need to (dressed in winter gear).

I don't carry a chain saw, but so far (knock on wood) I've been able to remove the occasional wayward tree from the road by hooking on and pulling it out of the way).

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Truck kit includes
supercab back seat removed for large multi-drawer tool box loaded
a large alice pack/BOB fully loaded w/sleeping bag lashed on
catalyst portable propane heater & a couple of small propane cylinders
extra coat gloves etc.

in the bed with fiberglass cap
a gym bag with various comfort items portable bag shower. air mattress etc.
a large ammo can with tire chains
traction mats that can double in a pinch as snow shoes
high lift jack
come along with straps and chains
axe, hatchet and machete
for tail gating I also keep a portable grill and bag of charcoal
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