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Will Your Gun Safe Lock You Out?

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I've been shopping online for a small home safe, and I've noticed that nearly all safes now have digital keypads. Apparently the general population really likes the James Bond touch, and doesn't realize what a truly bad idea this is.

Electronics malfunction. All it takes is a strong solar storm, and that safe is locked FOREVER.

Even more worrying from a 2A point of view is the knowledge that digital safes can be remotely disabled by EMF. Gun owners are being encouraged and even required by law to keep their firearms in gun safes -- but virtually all new gun safes have electronic locking mechanisms.

So when a massive EMP causes all hell to break loose, the vast majority of prudent citizenry will be unable to mount an armed defense against roving gangs. This doesn't seem like a positive scenario.

What kind of gun safe do you own, or advocate owning? What contingency plans do you have, if your safe won't open when you need access to your firearms?
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Is your glock going to necessarily protect you from the sort of super spies that are shooting your safe with an EMP?
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Why would your Glock be locked up. You would be wearing it.
Even then I think team mission impossible would have the upper hand against your average guy. If they are clever enough to hack your gun safe.
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