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Farmer had an aunt who scared me nearly as much as his Dad did.I was only 17 when I met Farmer.
She was always cranky and giving Uncle Bruce a hard time. Farmer,s Dad had a rather stern face and had a way of standing in his community where no-one darent try to knock him or his family down.
Yet when I was sick Farmer,s Aunt was a gem, she looked after me beautifully.She had nursed her only daughter until her death of leuakemia,and cared immensely for Farmer,s mother,who had been sick for years.
His Dad, though stoic german descent had a real soft spot for me and looked after me well in the years he was my Father in law.One of his daughters had fallen off a horse and died, he had also lost a son.
Both had lost children, both had gone through the war and depression, both had struggled with spouses illnesses,both have passed on now, but I realise with age how soft hearted they really were;they were Survivors.
I was thinking, looking at Farmer in hospital how much he reminded me of his Dad.My mind took me back along 23 years of marriage and the hardships and ups and downs we have had,along with the good times together.Farmer is a survivor.
Because he has stuck with me though thick and thin,helped me raise three teenagers so far, fought fires and droughts and floods with me.
Been wild with me and gentle with me,kept a look out for me, nursed me whilst I was sick.cried for me .
Farmer,s face might look hardened and older than 23 years ago, but his heart is soft and prepared for our future.
I know his physical heart has suffered these last few days, but his spiritual heart is strong and ready for us both to continue our journey these next few years.
May we all continue to show kindness to others, even though we might have pain in our own lives.
May we keep preparing and learning here so we will be a beacon of light in a darkening world. FW

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"Will the soft-hearted survive"

I am a pretty tough woman. I have seen and have passed through much, in this life and such has had the effect of 'hardening' me to a degree.

But I am too sensitive, notwithstanding and my heart is softer than I would like for it to be.

Bad times and circumstances can harden ones soul; a survival mode, perhaps.

I am harder than I want to be, but my life made that inevitable, but I still am sensitive.

That has proven to be both a blessing and a curse, but I know myself and I know that I would harden, in a survival situation.
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