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Why's it so hard to get others to prep?

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What is it with the mental block that affects people when you mention prepping? It's like showing a dog a card trick.
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When I explain to family and friends that I am prepping because of 1. Loss of a job, 2. Hyperinflation, 3. Economic instability, it makes more sense to them. And this is exactly why I prep anyway. I don't believe that this country will ever go to crap, but I do believe in personal SHTF scenarios. If the economy doesn't rebound soon, we could see a loss of jobs. Also, it's no surprise that food prices are going up and will be higher next year. So, I'm stockpiling food because if gas prices continue to rise, then I may not have money for food. As for ammunition, I enjoy plinking so I am stocking up to some degree because of the fear that ammo prices may rise sharply next year. But I don't believe we're all going to be running around like Mad Max so my "stock" of ammo isn't very much compared to what some people say they have on here. I just like to plink and do a little hunting.

But again, prepping for realistic scenarios is why I prep. I guess it depends on what your prepping for. If your telling them your prepping because of the impending Zombie Alien Apocalypse, then I'd suspect people wouldn't understand that.
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Y In order change a person's view it first takes a major event in life that would force them to challenge long standing beliefs.

Just my .02
I agree with this, because that's exactly what happened to me. I had a successful business for years but the recession killed it. Made a great living and now I don't have near the income I used to. Opened my eyes to become prepared for the next SHTF situation in my life.
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