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Why's it so hard to get others to prep?

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What is it with the mental block that affects people when you mention prepping? It's like showing a dog a card trick.
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It has to do with their comfort zone being invaded. They don't want to realize their way of life can be gone at any moment, and there's not a damn thing they can do about it.
True, although it's ironic for people who seem so obsessed with buying every insurance policy on the market - except preps.

There's no easy way to get through to them imo.
You do realize by being evangelical about prepping, that you have shot your families opsec right in the ass
Nah, by the time people figure out they're screwed I'll be sipping pina-coladas in a lodge.

If they aren't smart enough to do a little forward thinking then screw them.
Not sure if intelligence has much to do with. Pretty good people the folk I talk to, they just cant or wont fathom the reality we live in.
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The person right below your original post hit it dead on... comfort zone!!!
Maybe it is that simple. I still get the feeling they've been desensitized somehow. It's like the media shows them fear all day long and they've just switched off, y'know?

Just imagine how much better off the world would be if everyone prepped- less raiding and looting if tshtf, quicker recovery. Not gonna happen though is it.
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BTW, Optimism and stupidity go hand in hand...
Idk man, I'd rather go without my toilet roll stockpile than lose my stupid sense of humour...and stupid optimism would go a long way after shtf. ;)
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I went out of my way to start up a conversation this morn on currency collapse. Same type answer - "They're not going to let that happen"

I think people are in for a shock about what 'they' will or wont do.
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