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why do we fight with each outher on here???

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i mean yea the diffrent political groups and such, but why go looking for fights? We are all just trying to be prepared, and fighting does nothing to help that. So why dont yall keep your opinions to your self? Didnt mamma tell any of you that? I know mine did so, why look for trouble by stating that the outher side is wrong, and why not just prepare????????
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I look at it this way. First, it's hard to communicate in writing only and not verbally and with body language. I think this leads to some misinterpretation.

Second, in the non-political/non-religious threads, I would hope that if I post a question like, "Here's what's in my bug-out bag, what do you think?" that people would critize my preparations. Without constructive criticism, how am I supposed to improve?
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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