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Who is this site for?
This site is for everyone who is concerned about the future of their selves and their family. Besides that, we have sections of the forum where people not concerned about survival will fit in.

We have a gardening section
We have a hunting section
We have a political discussion section
We have a religious section
We have a firearms section
We have a knives section
So take your pick

Will I fit in?
Chances are you will. Regardless of what brought you to this site, chances are there is a section you might be interested in.

What will NOT fit in, what is prohibited?
Racial, religious, sexiest or cultural bashing. We have members from all over the world. This means we have members from different races. Racism will not welcome here.

What about religion?

What about it? All religions are welcome here. Discussion on faith is encouraged in the Religious section.

What if I am atheist?
What about it? Respect those that do believe and everything will be fine. That is why the religious discussions are separate from the rest of the sections. If you do not want to discuss religion, do not go into that section of this site.

If I sign up, will my email address be sold?


If you have to ask, "is this type of topic allowed," chances are no. If you want to try and tip-toe around the rules to get in topics that are not allowed, please find another site to join.

Should I sign up?
Sure you should, at least then you can see the pictures in the threads.
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