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Ok time for a desert you may like it’s simple quick & easy.

You will need:

Whipping cream
Ginger biscuits

Cling film

Whip your cream & set aside

Lay out the cling film about 18 inch long and 6inch plus wide

Put some whisky in a bowl place a ginger biscuit in it and allow it to cover it for a second or two

Next with a knife “butter” the whisky soaked biscuit with the cream place it stood up upon the cling film with the cream pointing either to the left or right

Do the same with another ginger biscuit place this next to the cream side of the last ginger biscuit then cover this one.

So what you get is one whisky soaked ginger biscuit then cream a whisky soaked ginger biscuit cream and so on until its about 12 inches long.

You will now have a log shape cover it all with cream wrap in the cling film into a log /sausage shape tight ish and place in the fridge for a couple of hours

After its been in the fridge eat and enjoy

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OMG this is sooooooooooo good.
I've been making this for years, it's truely awesome.

I just want to add you can adjust the texture of this dessert with the time you soak the gingernuts.
Soaking them for like 5 seconds gives a soft mushy inside while a quick dunk of like a second will mean theres just a hint of crunch still there.
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