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Which one of you is buying up all the canning supplies at Krogers in Dallas? :) The canning supplies at the Kroger I shop at is selling their canning supplies fast. It was stocked pretty good until the last few weeks. I just bought the last of the pint jars this evening.

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It wasn't me, honest!:D:

Here's a heads up, Walmart (Teaxas sothern region) last year put all this stuff on clearance last November.
regular lids .25 cents per box
wide mouth .50 cents per box
canning salt .25 cents per 3 lbs
and a bunch of other goodies super cheap.

I just got another 16 qt pressure cannner there the other day,I liked the first one so much, was on clearance for $45,...normally $59.78

Czech them out next week.:thumb:


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