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Which do you like?

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which is the better choice?

A - Basic survival candle

B - Newer multi wicked candles

C - Liquid candles

D- Stick candles

looking for candle ideas not "buy a flashlight!" or "install solar panels that cost 14K bucks, i did!" or "remember opsec! dont use any that will give your position away to the mexican/china army invaders!"

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I have about 300 or so tealight candles.

Thinking of buying a few more.

-Tealight candles can be put into oil burners which then turn into "little stoves" :)

-They are very cheap

-In the right lantern holder thing they create a nice funnel of heat that can be used to warm your hands, dry cloths, stick in your shirt to warm up and cook marshmallows

-Infinite shelf life (I believe)

-If you shut yourself in a small room and light about 10 of them it will warm the room up, but its probably not the best/cheapest/safest way of doing such a thing.

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I prefer candles in mason jars.

My wife and I make our own candles. We buy the wax and wics off the internet, and then spend a few hours making them.

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