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Which do you like?

which is the better candle

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which is the better choice?

A - Basic survival candle

B - Newer multi wicked candles

C - Liquid candles

D- Stick candles

looking for candle ideas not "buy a flashlight!" or "install solar panels that cost 14K bucks, i did!" or "remember opsec! dont use any that will give your position away to the mexican/china army invaders!"
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It depends. If it's for a BoB then a long burning survival candle is the answer. For around the house, tea lights are hard to beat for cheapness.
If you are thinking Liquid candles ya might as well get an oil lamp. I am gonna go with the stick.
I have about 300 or so tealight candles.

Thinking of buying a few more.

-Tealight candles can be put into oil burners which then turn into "little stoves" :)

-They are very cheap

-In the right lantern holder thing they create a nice funnel of heat that can be used to warm your hands, dry cloths, stick in your shirt to warm up and cook marshmallows

-Infinite shelf life (I believe)

-If you shut yourself in a small room and light about 10 of them it will warm the room up, but its probably not the best/cheapest/safest way of doing such a thing.
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Candlewise - this is what I bought.

Don't know if it is a good price but I have candles just in case. Hope this helps.
I prefer candles in mason jars.

My wife and I make our own candles. We buy the wax and wics off the internet, and then spend a few hours making them.

I'm partial to beeswax candles myself. They burn about one inch per minute with no wind and there's no drip.
I have about 300 or so tealight candles.

Thinking of buying a few more.
And I did, now I have about 1000.

That ought to hold me over...

My 700 extra candles cost me AU$35, not sure really how cheap that is/is not but it seemed ok to me.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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