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Most Influential Founding Fathers

Which Founding Father Stands Out As The Most Influential?

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I'm very grateful for our Founding Fathers and the legacy they left for their posterity (and ours). Where would we be if they hadn't left us the Constitution and all of their speeches, letters, essays, and thoughts? Not all of them agreed on all things and there were serious debates in the early days of the founding of the USA but all of them agreed that King George was a tyrannical despot. And they all agreed that natural born men were endowed with unalienable rights and liberties. Thank God for the dedication, faith, courage, perseverance, intelligence, wisdom, and forethought of these legendary men.

Although there were a good many great men who contributed to our nation's founding there are certain names that stand out. I'll post 11 names in the poll and add "other" to the list. The poll will allow two votes.
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After 8 1/2 years as commanding general of the Continental Army, he desired a long deserved tranquility. So much so, he didn't wish to become president, and was dismayed to even learn that the people desired such.
Plus he fought for decades before that against indians, Frech and at times British. He was a genuine badass who did lots of fighting right here in my area in W PA when it was part of the old Ohio Valley.
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