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"This book is an indispensable basic manual for the real-life issues that await us in the decades to come. Those who read it, and pay attention to is treasure trove of practical wisdom, will enjoy a huge advantage as the cheap oil fiesta winds down and circumstances compel us to live differently".
-James Howard Kunsteler, author of The Long Emergency-

Written by "Mathew Stein,
A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability, and Surviving the Long Emergency

1. An Introduction to Self-Reliance
2. Present Trends, Possible Futures
3. Supplies and Preparations
4. Emergency Measures for Survival
5. Water
6. Food: Growing, Foraging, Hunting, and Storing
7.Shelter and Buildings
8. First Aid
9. When High-Tech Medicine Fails
10. Clothing and Textiles
11. Energy, Heat, and power
12. Metalworking
13. Utensils & Storage
14. Better Living through Not-so-Modern Chemestry
15. Engineering, Machines, and Materials
16. Making the shift to Sustainability

Over 488 pages of information for the Mind & Body
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