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You mentioned using a self storage unit. That might not be a bad idea for some items that you don't have space for in your house or on your property. If you do go this route there are a some considerations:

Make sure it's within walking distance, transportation may not be available.
No perishable items of any kind, these units can get overly hot.
No firearms or ammo.

If you do use one and there is a crisis situation you could assess what's happening before running out to the unit and getting your stuff. If it's a really bad situation and you need to get out, then do so quickly. Also nice part about it being close by. If not wait it out and get your stuff when it's safe to do so.

I know I'm thinking big here but you could have an old motorcycle or even an ATV with a trailer stored and ready to go. Or just the trailer and hitch it up and hit the road.
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