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Wheat Prices

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What are you paying for whole berry wheat? Where do you usually buy it?

We found a little amish store this weekend that sells bulk wheat. The only other place here is the natural food store and their wheat is organic and high! Just wondering where others buy wheat and for how much. thanks
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This is the Co-Op where we buy..... They are in GA, but deliver to other locations. I am in TN.


02120 - Barley Hulled 40lbs. 6 gal. Bckt. - $37.38
04266 - Flax Seed Yellow 40lbs. 6 gal. Bckt. - $55.20
04880 - Millet Hulled 43lbs. 6 gal. Bckt. - $46.44
05680 - Oat Groats 42lbs. 6 gal. Bckt. - $37.98
05800 - Oats Rolled 23lbs. 6 gal. Bckt. - $27.12
06390 - Popcorn 45lbs. 6 gal. Bckt. - $57.07
06745 - Rice Brown 43lbs. 6 gal. Bckt. - $50.64
07970 - Wheat Durum (for pasta) 42lbs. 6 gal. Bckt. - $64.65
08050 - Wheat Hard Red 45lbs. 6 gal. Bckt. - $31.91
08090 - Wheat Hard White 45lbs. 6 gal. Bckt. - $36.99

00275 - Nutrimill Grain Mill w/FREE Shipping - $269.99
00285 - WonderMill Grain Mill w/FREE Shipping - $259.99
These are good prices. The store we found has hard red for $34 for 50lb.
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Of course there isn't one in Arkansas. :(
Where in Arkansas? The amish place I found is in Northwest Arkansas.
I live in central Arkansas. Where is the Amish place in NW?
Thanks kimr. Do you remember if it was an actual store or did you just purchase from a family? I found this place in Rogers and they quoted me $1.30 p/lb for red and $1.20 p/lb for white with a 25 lb minimum for each with free shipping on all orders over $75.00. Does this sound like a decent enough deal?
we did buy some from war eagle mill. I think they are alittle high. the place in Huntsville is a store. Several kinds of things. You can get wheat, rice, oats and several other things in bulk. Then several items non bulk. Do you have a Stone mill bread place near you? They sell Montana wheat.
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