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Wheat Prices

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What are you paying for whole berry wheat? Where do you usually buy it?

We found a little amish store this weekend that sells bulk wheat. The only other place here is the natural food store and their wheat is organic and high! Just wondering where others buy wheat and for how much. thanks
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I buy for long term storage, so lately I've bought a lot of these two:

Hard red winter wheat from the LDS

Hard White Wheat from Emergency Essentials

Both are great products.
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Seems I recall someone saying that the LDS ship for free,but if I'm mistaken, how reasonable is their shipping ?
On a whim (i don't even have a grinder yet) I jumped on that most recent sale from Honeyville, and got a 50 lb. bag of hard red wheat,delivered, for around $47.
They do have free shipping as of my last order, which was a couple days ago. I'm impressed with their products and prices. I wish they had hard white wheat, but they currently only offer hard red wheat.

The hard white wheat from Emergency Essentials is a little more money, but it makes great bread and much more.

I don't want to derail this thread, but I have to share this. I just got some granola from EE and it is excellent. I bought 12 cans to get the better pricing and we're going to have trouble not eating this stuff for snacks everyday.
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Has anyone found a Country Living Mill grinder for less than $395 lately? That's at least the second place that has had that price.
I didn't buy a manual mill yet because I have access to one. Eventually I'll pick one up, but for everyday use I went with an electric. I bought the BlendTec Kitchen Mill (The same company makes the 'will it blend' series blenders). I'm very happy with it, but it is extremely loud. Sounds like a jet engine.
So can anyone order from LDS or do you have to be member of the church?.
Anyone can order. I have bought a lot from them, and am the farthest from their beliefs as one could be. I do admire the fact that they do good by providing healthy products, and not just promote intolerance and fear like most organized religions.
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