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Sad But True
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What are your best 4 work attributes,perks (no not like in call of duty) or skills:
ex. handyman skills,macgyver,chemistry freak,super buff macho one man army,creative,architectural,weapon smiting,wild edible fanatic,green thumb,strategic,engineer etc.
dont talk out of your a s s either
for me it would be:
1.Lack of emotions:Could be bad or good depending on situations edit:at times not always
2.Loves outdoors :I wont be bothered as much when bugging out,not really a skill though
3.Not picky:I'll eat dirt if I must
4.Know it all:I know bits of everything
i probably should have put this in the poll/survey section but whatever
im not asking for opinions on me im asking for what you are good at it
great me asking what people are good at just turned into a call of duty thread,ah close it

Bush Walker
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#1 and #4 makes me hope i dont run into you

perks? been playing too much call of duty lately? ( war advisor, buff macho man )

or are you just looking for a date?

i kid i kid - just a weird thread to start my day reading - have a good one!

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1) No hesitation to drop you if you put your hand on my wallet
2) I trust no one and I can tell when you're lying because your lips move
3) I have a 6th sense when a government goon lover is near me.
4) I always carry no matter where I go.

Oh crap, I thought we were talking about skills developed from dealing with liberals.

Never Give up
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I walk softly and carry big sticks. As for the others we are self supporting and have been for over 6 years. We dont need to depend on anybody else. And theres no way I could limit things down to 4. There are so many things that go on everyday here that require many more then 4 professions. Except in winter. Things slow down then.

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1. Not affraid to do what has/needs to be done.

2. Good common sense.

3. 20 year Millitary Experiance.

4. Good outdoor knowledge/grew up on a farm.

5. poor spelling!!!

Vampire Slayer
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Medically trained, wound care specialist.
Grow and preserve food.
Great cook, can knit, sew.
Can shoot well.
Can do basic carpentry, plumbing and electrical work.
Ride and care for horses.
Raise chickens and other livestock.
Pragmatic realist.

edit: oops, more than four.......not good at math.

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I don't think that I have any redeeming skills or qualities.

* - I don't have a problem with snakes or gators but humans scare me to death.

* - I keep to myself when that is an option (see item above).

* - I am an addict. I am hopelessly addicted to professional firearms and tactics training.

. . .oh, and one last thing:

* - Except on a TV commercial, I have never even seen a video game like 'call of duty'.

In other words; I'm pretty much useless.:thumb:

war comin, choose a side
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4? I dont know if i am that talented. :)
Alot of my friends/family call me macguyver. Does that count for anything?
Raising livestock.
Grow just about any plant i have tried too.
Gun smithing/shooting instruction
Can put emotions aside/stay calm in high stress situations
Strategic planning
Basic chemistry

Not trying to blow my own horn. I am just going off what people have told me. :thumb:
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