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Whats the best aftermarket clip for...

1925 8
Ruger 10 / 22 ?
Thinking 30 rounders...
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Thats easy, the Atkins acelerator stock , the one that made the 10/22 fire like a machinegun (the one banned by the BATFE after they said it was ok) did testing on the best mags in order of reliability 1. Ruger 10 shot mags, 2.tactical sloutions aluminuim and polymer magazines 3. Steel lips.

Tactical soloutions mags are the best after market mags for they have adjustable lips for perfecting the feeding for YOUR rifle and they can be taken apart for cleaning and spring replacement for longevity.

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The eagle 30 rounders suck a$$ so stay away from them. The butler creek 25 rounders work fairly well but still mis-feed once in a while. Just tape two stock ruger mags back to back for the cost of tape. They are the most reliable anyway.
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