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Hey everybody I'm just curious about what everybody carries in their packs nowadays. So if you could post on what kind of pack you use and what you carry in it, I would really appreciate it.


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This is my pack

I have

2 changes of cloths

a small cook set and camp grill with a plate and utensiles

various types of rope, line and string in various short lengths of about 10 feet each

rain poncho

small mini back packer's wisk broom, towels and wash cloths.

a first aid kit

ten & sleeping bag

portable, packable water carriers

a small personal grooming kit with soap, toothbrush comb

toilet paper roll

a fire making kit, with backup firestarters spread through out my gear.

several knives and the Russian spetznaz combat shovel

compass and maps, carried on belt and in BDU pocket

Mini SAS survival guide

food and canteen. The canteen is not in the pack, but on a separate sling positioned on front so I can drink while walking.

I can also lash my quiver, and bow to the outside of the pack, but it starts getting a tad heavy then. I may get a hip quiver instead.

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Typical warmish weather down to just below freezing load

The "Big three(pack, tent, bag)"--(note: if you can keep these 3 items below 10lbs total, then you've gone a long way in having a fairly light pack overall).

Pack-1800ci frameless summit ruck(Osprey day pack, disc yrs ago. Was just called the Aether then. Now theres an complete BPing line called that) 1lb 13oz

..or, Osprey Aether 60(first yr model at 3lb 3oz) if I'm feeling decadent or a larger shelter say when the wife goes

Bag-Western Mtneering Highlite. 800+ down fill. Nothings lighter for the weight/bulk/warmth. 16oz (or 15oz w Golite silnylon stuff sack) Wads up in ones hand almost.

Shelter-SD Light Year 1-man tent w custom made carbon fiber poles 1lb 15oz. w 4 stakes ..Or a 10oz silnylon tarp. ..Or 2.2lb 4 season floorless Black Diamond Betamid.

The rest..
NO CHANGE OF CLOTHS!! Todays syn technical cloths(NO COTTON!) will last and last, without absorbing much of anything regarding smells and such. And can be easily washed out and dry quickly if you feel the need over a longer trip. Ask any AT thru hiker if he carried any spare cloths..(some don't even carry warmish stuff. They hike in light short sleeve stuff, then get in the bag at camp. repeat).

Must work together as a system to cover a poss range from 100+* degrees down to freezing(while dormant) or lower if your hiking. Very breathable when needed, and also wind/waterproof when needed.

Top layer:
-Marmot anorack(sp?) pullover shell w WPB(waterproofbreathble) laminate. 8oz. Or heavier Marmot Precip shell jacket at 12oz.
-Marmot Tech T. Mid weight fleece top(6oz)
-TNF polyester windvest(4oz)
-no name ultralite long sleeve top(think almost see thru shear)
-Mtn Hardware short sleeve(hiked in during the day)

Bottom layers
-no name ultra-lightweight long undies
-Mtn Hardware "Packpants" w zipoff legs=shorts for hiking during the day
-Marmot Precip WPB rainpants(9oz ankle zip version). Or fullzip version at 12oz.

Stove-Power Giga stove (3.2oz) 3-6 days fuel 6oz (depending on temps)
Filter-Hiker 12oz
Pad-3/4 length Thermarest ultralite 16oz
Chair kit(awesome!)-Therm oldstyle ultralite. works w sleep pad
MSR ultralite Dorm 4 liter bladder 3.5oz! w bite valve line added
Cookware-all titanium--> 1 ltr pot, mini skillet, coffee cup, spoon
Tiny homemade kitchen w emergeny spares and first aid-all in one
2 versions of Tika LED headlamps(3oz, lasts 100+ hours, dead reliable)

2 silnylon food bags. 1 for hot food(camp or hot lunch along the trail) which resides deeper in pack during the day. 1 for cold food(bars, Gels, GORP, etc) which stays at the top of the pack next to my raingear.

Typically, and unless it gets colder(heavier layers, more bag) I can go for months w this load sans fuel and food.

If its colder, sub with somewhat warmer mid layers, and possibly more shell, warmer bag, more fuel, more headgear, etc. ..of course.

Odds ends:
-Spyderco Delica knife
-Swiss Spartan knife(in kitchen)
-2 pair smartwool socks
-Light poly fingerless glove liners
-Light fleece neck gaiter that can turn into a balaclava when used with a baseball cap, or earband when folde over itself, or from above the nose down to the neck to cover the face, etc
-Gaiters! I always wear them, even with shorts. They allow me to wear shorts when long pants might be demanded otherwise(briars/off trail, rain, etc) and can replace rainpants all together in the warmer months since truly the most important thing down low to keep dry is really only your feet/socks. Also consolidates the top of the boots regarding debri, loose laces, etc.

Total complete less water/food is less then 10lbs at lightest. Winter is about 20-25lbs and good down to around zeroish or below if needed. Obv thats w a larger pack, bag, layers, and if I need to add snowshoes, ice axe, crampons, etc.

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Ive got a Molle II pack

Inside I cant even remember what all I have but ill try :thumb:

MSR waterworks filter
canteen w/ water purification tablets
100 feet of para chord
Us army survival guide
matches / lighters
Extra socks and boxers
Bugler tabacco w/ rolling papers X2 ( if i dont smoke them then I can trade them )
2 MRE's
Sewing kit
Medical kit
Fishing gear
Flash light w/ extra batteries
about 3 yards of aluminum foil folded up into little squares (takes up little space, and weighs practically nothing
signal mirror
some hygiene products
Swiss army knife, 3 throwing knives, and my lovely Ka-bar
Springfield XD 9 w/ 200 rounds

I have misc other stuff that I cant remember, all and all the whole pack weighs about 45 pounds, way too much, I need to thin it out alittle. Allthough that Molle II isnt the lightest pack of them all either.

Edit: also, I cant forget my tent and sleeping bag

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my pack is a fox oasis hydration pack.

and in it are:

-katadyn water purification tablets
-bic lighter
-fire steel
-rock climbing shoes
-climbing chalk

still gonna put a space blanket in it and some para-cord

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At my age (60) I try to keep things light. I have:
5X7 tarp
Sleeping bag w/inside & outside liners
2 canteens & water bottles apx. 2 gal.
Water filter
cooking pot w/ f&s
fire starting kit
rain gear and poncho
small knife and K-bar
one pair of socks
sweat bottoms and top
beanie & gloves
small 1st aid kit
.22 pistol
Folding food & water bowls for my dog
other small items like can openers and cord
candle lantern
mini mag light (triple A)
Add some food to this for me and my dog and it's a load so I try to keep all items as light weight as possible. I'am out to enjoy myself not train for some ironman contest.

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god ...let me see

Outdoor Products 3200 cubic inch pack

cooking and food... small kelly kettle,lemonade bowl,titanium cup,light my fire spork,small bag of salt,pepper,hot sauce,coffee stuff like that
3 mountain house meals,3 packs of ramen noodles,3 packs of spam singles,4 soup packs

Lighting and tools....Atom cyclone headlamp(1 oz) ,LazerBrite light stick with a white and a green end,Gerber Multi tool,XPG folding knife,cheap folding knife,Gerber sport axe,and a small folding trowel, sharping stone for knifes and axe ,razerblades,small monoculars ,100F Paracord,small crank radio

Fire Starting...Mag fire starter,firesteel,bic lighter,dryer lint,a small eye dropper bottle of Kerosene,waterproof matches

Water....Katadyn hiker water filter,aqua tabs(backup) coffee filters,everclear 2L water bag,32oz Nalgene bottle

shelter... Hennessy Hammock asym. , army poncho

sleeping gear....JRB Down quilt,sportsman blanket,Z rest (short),and a wally world blue foam pad

Mis...small sewing kit,first aid kit,small odds and ends,fishing kit,pack of cleaning wipes,toothpaste,toothbrush,soap,floss,TP,baby powder

small bag of extra clothing(base layer) socks,hat,gloves,bug net,med weight under armor,fleece windproof sweater

Navigation...Silva compass,maps,pen,small compass(backup),Garmin GPS,star chart

it seems like alot of stuff...but most of it is really small...everything packs it's 24lbs ..i could get it lighter if i want to...i have other gear i can swap in and out but this is the setup thats worked for me so far...may change a week from now for all i know :D:

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Pack-I use a ula-equipment Conduit pack, 3200 cubic in.

Shelter- either a homemade silnylon tarp and ground cloth, or a hammock with a tarp.

Pad- for ground I mostly use a Thermarest Prolite4 women's pad, or in the hammock, a Thinlite pad, cut short. I use my sit pad for a pillow or under my feet if needed.

I use a Jacks R Better No Sniveller quilt. If I bring the hammock and it's really cold, I use their Nest quilt as an underquilt (hammock insulation underneath)

For hydration, I use a 2L Platypus hydration bladder, an Aquafina wide mouth water bottle and a Platypus water bladder for water in camp, or for carrying extra. I use Micropur tablets, and coffee filters or a bandana to get the big pieces out.

First aid/repair kit, 2 lighters, a headlamp and photon light for backup, toiletries/hygiene stuff (things like TP, wipes, hand gel, toothbrush etc), journal w/ pen, map (if needed), magnifying lens (so I can SEE the map, lol)book, small swiss army knife.

IMUSA mug /mess kit, which includes a small alcohol stove, denatured alcohol fuel.

Clothing- undies, socks, long johns, hat, Thermawrap jacket, gloves, rain gear, wind shirt and wind pants, crock knock-off camp shoes, bandanas.

Food, along with homemade ultralight bearbag hanging kit w/rope.

I carry other items either in my pack or in my pockets, which will go unmentioned for my own protection :D:

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my pack
Pack: British issue infantry PLCE
Liner by ortilieb
Shelter: 2mx3m lightweight fly with strings
Sleeping: 3 season synthetic fill with goretex bivi bag, thermal mat, lightweight jungle hammock
Clothing: spare trousers, spare long sleeved shirt, 4 pairs sox, shortsx1 tee shirt x1, poly prop top & bottom, snukpac jacket, spare fotwear - light hitec trampers
Rainwear: 3 layer goretex jacket long
Cooking: gas cooker with canister or im leaning nowdays back to heximine but using local fuel were possible. small teflon frying pan (handle cut down)
food: 3 days home made 24 hour ration packs, and 3 days freeze dried.
Toiletries: anti bacterial soap, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, fine comb, spare mosquito repelant, spare sun screen, microfibre towel, a small moisturiser, razor, sewing kit and sewing awl (wife has more female orientated toiletries)
water: 3 litres in hydro bladder, either small bottle of bleach or steri-tabs
in my breakaway bag: first aid kit - trauma kit, radio,
misc: machete, folding shovel, spare batteries, required 1.50,000 topo maps, documents dvd rom, photos of loved ones (for emergency) spare para cord, wind up flash light/amfm radion or head lamp

i have some belt kit i take hunting which would be usful this has, fishing kit, snares, handheld radio, water bottle and cups canteen, some food and a few other goodies.

all up weight comes under 25 kilos for an adult to carry.
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