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whats in my bug out kit and WHY?

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ok so I have scoured numerious forums, looking for what people are putting into there Bug out bags/kits. I am by no means an authoritarian on this subject but I do have experience as a former member of the us military. so with that being said I will post up pics of my BOK and i will try to explain why i grabed those things to put into it , my kit is not definitive and is ever expanding so I will start with my small pack contents

1) my knife, yes it is a bear grylls knife, i like it. It is strong and tough plus I like having the extra fero rod plus the sharpener it offers.
2) compass/ map (not pictured is my protractor.) if SHTF lets face it gps is probably not going to work and in my AO the terrain is very steep one must know how to navigate
3)climbing webbing, very strong for towing and can be improvised into a harness if needed along with numorious other things
4) gatorade self explainitory
5)distress strobe. if needed for signaling and rescue.
6)pen and paper (self explanitory)
7)green tin ( ha ha thats classified goes boom)
8)bags at top pancake mix, coffee more gatorade
9)extra surefire batteries
10)surfire flash light
11) gloves and beenie
12) 200 Pellets ( more on this later)
13) steripen great piece of gear if you havent heard of one go check it out
14)black bag - prescious metals (gold and silver)
16)Nalgene bottle
17)drop holster
18)condor pouch ( man purse :) ) pics of this below
19 emergency blanket.
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on to my next part the " man purse"

1) Co2
2) chem lights
3)condoms. great for water proofing and if your good you can start fires with them
4)multi tool
5)sealed bbs( again I will get to this )
6)magnisium stick
7)electrical tape
8)fire starter ( cotton & vasiline)
9)knife sharpener
11) magnifing lens
12)extra surefire batteries
13) map of my bug out location
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medical gear

1) minor surgical kit
2)emergency water
3)wound irrigation syringe
4)numerious sizes of sterile bandages,
5) medical tape
6) IV needles
7) IV tubing (not pictured)
8) IV bag (not pictured) yes I know how to push an IV I was trained in the Marine Corps

OK i promised I would explain why I have 2 pellet guns in my pack , you may be thinking , HMM why does a US marine not have real steal? well its simple
if SHTF how many of you are going to go to your gun? alot right well thats just it you are relying on that weapon instead of your skill level.

2nd firearms are registered which means if gun confiscation happens, those of you with legal guns are first on the list.

3rd those of you with firearms ( most not all) are only thinking of protecting your family , not actully hunting with them , if you have to go hunt with that ar-15 you have are you really going to hunt a squirrel or rabbit with it ? i dont think so , there would be nothing left right? lol and you have sound to contest with , untill things calm down you may not want to go out hunting with that big powder weapon for fear of giving away your postion to others , be it the GOVT. or others who mean to take your stuff. and that 30.06 you have that you went rabbit hunting with, and missed ? the sound probably just scared all animal life for the next few hours or so .

4th CHEAP AMMO!! pellets are so dirt cheap that you can get a tin of 500 for about 6 bucks and what other weapon can you carry 1000 rounds in your pocket?

please dont take my advice as gospil I have been trained to use minimal gear and I have had to make choices about what I would use and not use, what can I aquire , what can perform more then one task for me other than wieghing myself down with a ton of gear that I wont need.

I welcome your comments or questions . and thanks for reading my long post
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yes I have extra C02 plus the rifle is a break barrel

yes I can grab water and purify it thats what the steripen is for

Yes I have something for self defence besides the pellet rifle/pistol

TO Drobs as far as my age im 29 and experience I was on the 26th MEU in 2003 when OIF started and was one of the first units on the ground in APRIL, then I was back in iraq in 2004 stationed at hiditha, alasad, ramadi. tikrit. fallujah TWICE among other places. I have done humanitarian assistance in Monrovia. trained with the norweigens, azurbajian's , libyrians. have been to cold weather survival, mountain warfare, scout swimmer school, combat life saver course, assault climbers school and as a US Marine my primary MOS was 0311 with my secondary MOS being 8541 (now called 0317) look it up

it looks to me that your locations is in the sandbox so for that keep your head down and stay safe

with that being said, How dare you come at me and question my motives. every single peice of my gear has been tested and selected for my purposes. I rigoursoly go to the seirra nevada mtns. every weekend with friends to etheir go rock climbing or back packing.

since you wanted to get into a ****ing match with the new guy lets go there. you work(ed) as a contractor in Iraq? and you were army reserves during a piece time? pleas tell me what the hell your qualifications are to second guess my gear choices? I come on this forum in good faith because i liked it and this is how I get treated ? you go ahead and teach them MR. ARMY OF ONE I have done my time and done it proudly/ so for the sake of the forum and linguistics respect .

kiss my grits army!
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it was not the gear critique that got on my nerves it was the whole part about questioning my age and experience level .
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bigoltex thank you for understanding my point, and you are correct i will publicly appoligise for my comment about the army.

im lost on the proof reading part? are you implying that I don't spell corectly? well if thats the case i appologise for that too.

what I get tired is someone has been on the forum for years slamming someone new who is offering up advice , because he thinks his **it dont stink , im all for people being leery but seriously people. when did this become grill the new untill he proves himself?
to Drobs thanks you for your appoloogy and will issue one as well I appologise. I can understand your point from one military memeber to another yes there are alot of posers , that being said i think we got that out of the way.

on to my reason for pellet guns. yes I understand how to shoot, but with all the legislation being passed about ammo I dont think its a smart idea, abd for those of you with firearms that say they will shoot someone who trys to take. i have a serious question for you .

have you ever had to kill someone? its a lot different to say it but its a whole nother story when it come time to act
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Drobs thank you and I appologise , As you can tell I dont like my training questioned , how ever I can see your reason for doing so , and I hope we can move on from this .

I posted my pellet rifle as a way to show people that a firearm is not needed for everything. and look at it this way , the ammo has a shelf life. and wieght , i know alot of you have stick piled ammo. have you ever thought that that stuff weighs alot ? if you want to protect yourself get body armor, guns are an offensive weapon in most cases, and about the only good that a pistol does you is in the city.

now your at your BOL and now you have to hunt. yes I know you may have a deer rifle , but if its just you are you going to kill a deer and be able to preserve all the meat? maybe but most likly not. so I stick to small game.

and I am willing to bet my .22 pellet rifle is more accurate than most .22lr as well . mine is zeroed for 100 yds and will do it all day long ,
I totly agree with you mike . however like i said there where determining factors why i chose this weapon. ammo is cheap, light. abundant, guiet, and has knock down power, i have gone pig hunting with it on my buddys property and have succsefully taken a pig with it . here in CA it is legal to hunt with a .22 air rifle for small game.
yes its it a peice of usefulle gear isnt it Anchor ? lol
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Arliegh you raise great points. first let me work from the bottom up

Archery . yes very deadly for use against human and big game alike .but as a competetive archer you must understand that unkown distance will be your enemy, in any instence you must be able to judge distance accuratley as that will be your worst thing to overcome regaurdless of your wepon of choice.

I have looked into pcp guns however you have a few options, cost is very high in some of them , you can run them on co2 or air. both have advantages and disadvangages , or you can use a pump.

air requires a pump or a scuba tank ( not lugging one of those around)
and co2 requires you to refill or have a lot with you.

mine is a benjamin trail NP meaning nitro piston. can stay cocked for monthes with out adverse problems. yes springs do wear out and break down . that is why i opted for a nitro piston. as far as caliber goes , i would not get anything below a .22 cal.
a .177 is high velocity yes but it lacks stopping power in small game , be very weary of manufacturers stating 1000-1200 fps as this is only accomplished with pellets of a low weight like say a 4.5 Grn pellet but what they do not tell you is that with the increase in velocity you are trading for a DEcrease in accuracy. and my friends accuracy is your best friend so you have to find a happy medium in that you have a high velocity with high accuracy, but thats not all you must also account for muzzle energy at the target, it does you no good to fire 800 fps with extreme accuracy if the projectile feels like a paper ball struck the target.
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to bltjr1951 I'm sorry you are so concerned with spelling , it never has been my forte` my skills have always centered on math and science. but with that being said, why are you so concerned about spelling? i understand if it so bad you can not dicern what I am saying but out of my whole post you chose to comment on my spelling? ok

and as far as co2 I dont refill it thats what the canisters are for.

the food issue, i posted whats in my bok not whats in my supplies and what is staged in my BOV

I dont share everything with anyone online , I posted this stuff as an alternitive look at what someone else may find usefull.
here is my final thought to you sir/maam I may be new but that will change with time, but you seem to have an attitude problem and I will not stand for it at all. this is over the internet and you may be a cool guy but please take the keybard naziism down a notch ok?

arleigh my pistol is a berretta PX4 storm
That's the same thing I have been trying to tell people for years. But for some reason, some people can't get past velocity as the most important paper number, when it is not.

And in my years of small game hunting with air guns, I have found .22 infinately more effective than .177. Not to mention subsonic all the way to the target, which is another bonus.
mike you sir are one educated shooter and i thank you , lol. I would hope that before some people start bashing the effectiveness of a pellet rifle that they would perhaps do some research on the subject first. im not talking about a cheap 20 bb gun for wally world , these weapons on the market are highly tuned accurate and deadly .

if you want to see how effective an airgun can be look up dan quackenbush and his airguns that have taken down water buffallo.
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thanks for putting me on it and I will kindly thank you to stay off this thread since you have nothing contributory to add
first thanks for your service. I'm quite sure that if I were face to face with many of you I would have no problem conveying why i feel the way i do about my gear, but since this is the internet, i can not convey what is behind the words that I am typing.

i have said many times and even in the title of my thread this is MY bok and Why I have the items chosen , i have never made the claim that I have the best kit, instead of posting pics and letting others tell me what should or should not be in it , I instead chose to explain why i put certain items in .

again in my post (first) i did say that my pack is not complete and is expanding , so please can you and the others get off your high horse and keep the replies relevent? i see why your forum has many new people quit your forum.

notice this is not an attack on you , i think it starts with people jumping to conclusions and making assumptions about people before getting all the relavent information.

again I would like to thank you for your service as well but come on people is this really what this thread has turned into ?
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cjKnight SEMPER FI! brother. the machette is a cheap pos from harbour frieght since my fiance works there we got it for like 3 bucks i figured what the hell
Crochunter - sorry as per starting a fire with a condom: what you need to do is get CLEAR UNLUBRICATED condoms (sorry for the caps but its important) and fill the condom with water. use is as you would a magnifying lens. the shape of the condom with the water actully forms a lens . this take a long time so be patient but it can be done.

the nuts are a wonderfull Idea and thank you for that , Im working out what I can vacuum seal and what i can't . but your right nuts completely slipped my mind, lots of protien

ArtDeco357 - yes I have some canteens but i prefer my nalgenes I have at least 1 in every pack but that is what my steripen is for as for having us surrounded? nah just means I can shoot in any direction lol but thanks for your service as well
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Radios. I am not sure what Englands emergency service is like. Here it all works through the normal radio stations. So if you want information about what is going on. Where is safe. What roads are blocked where the shelters are. And all of that life saving stuff. You might think of investing in a cheap portable radio.
great mention. I have plans to install my cb in my BOV soon. speaking of my bov its a 1987 nissan pathfinder 4x4, custom safari rack and grill guard is being fabricated by my friend and tattoo client. not to mention I got the truck for doing a tattoo , so its not costing me much to get it ready

the silver and gold that is in my bag are pure gold from diving for it and my silver are 1 troy ounce silver coins. but I see your point and your right there is no way to verify if its real or not to someone else
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