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whats in my bug out kit and WHY?

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ok so I have scoured numerious forums, looking for what people are putting into there Bug out bags/kits. I am by no means an authoritarian on this subject but I do have experience as a former member of the us military. so with that being said I will post up pics of my BOK and i will try to explain why i grabed those things to put into it , my kit is not definitive and is ever expanding so I will start with my small pack contents

1) my knife, yes it is a bear grylls knife, i like it. It is strong and tough plus I like having the extra fero rod plus the sharpener it offers.
2) compass/ map (not pictured is my protractor.) if SHTF lets face it gps is probably not going to work and in my AO the terrain is very steep one must know how to navigate
3)climbing webbing, very strong for towing and can be improvised into a harness if needed along with numorious other things
4) gatorade self explainitory
5)distress strobe. if needed for signaling and rescue.
6)pen and paper (self explanitory)
7)green tin ( ha ha thats classified goes boom)
8)bags at top pancake mix, coffee more gatorade
9)extra surefire batteries
10)surfire flash light
11) gloves and beenie
12) 200 Pellets ( more on this later)
13) steripen great piece of gear if you havent heard of one go check it out
14)black bag - prescious metals (gold and silver)
16)Nalgene bottle
17)drop holster
18)condor pouch ( man purse :) ) pics of this below
19 emergency blanket.
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As a disabled Army combat vet who used to train Marines, let's ease off branch comments. We all served, and did so proudly . . . . even the girl scouts in the Air Force. (insert smiley face here)

With that said welcome to the boards brother. I totally get the need for c02 and am debating on a pistol for my BOB. You naysayers can talk all big and bad, but my bag is in the truck with me everywhere I go. When I go to the VA for a doctors appointment I would be arrested if I was found to have any weapon in my vehicle. I also work in schools, so firearms once again is a no go. I am a prepper, not a criminal with total disregard for the law.

How usefull is a c02 gun? You'd stop if I was pelting you with it. Escape and evasion is the reason I have a bag, not confrontation.
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