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What would be your favorite food

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if you would be in the jungle, and you have to find some food... what would be you go after?
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Bugs! High in protein low in fat! You can eat em' raw or cooked but trusts me ten times better cooked. Prob snake as well.
Fruit? Bananas? Are there bananas in jungles?

Man, do we have a file for what food is in different areas?

My luck (=stupidity) I'd see a snake and go for it and get bit.
You've asked two questions. Which did you have in mind. Roasted wild piglet or wild kid would be good. If you are talking about survival, whatever moves that is edible and whatever doesn't move that is edible.
the larger animals like boars or anything like that would be pretty good, but then they would be kinda difficult to clean in a camp...fruits would probably be #1
fish easy to clean short cook time and goes with a nice red wine
I would have to say fish and birds. My knowledge on jungle foliage is extremely limited so I'd spend a lot of time doing "the skin test" and "the digest test" but until then I'd stick with fish and birds.
Bugs!?! I saw that Bear Gryllis and Anthony Bourdain eating caterpillars and bugs. As they bit into it, green stuff squirted out. I'll stay out of the jungle thank you. Andrew, you may come along and i'll show you where my hidden caches are... we'll eat pemmican and chef boy r dee spaghetti.
Would depend largely on how I was equipped. If I had a good rifle or shotgun, I'd go for the standard game animals. If I had to make a spear, or make traps, I'd go for the small animals. If I had a net, I'd go for fish and birds. If I didn't even have a knife it would have to be fruits, berries, and tubers I could dig with a stick. (but i'd rather eat ants and grubs)...wild hog/boar...delicious (but if i was in a survival situation i would pass on hunting the boar and expending the energy and eat bugs).

"jungle" is a pretty broad term as the species available say in the jungles of asia versus the jungles of south america is goin to vary. with that said you can eat many varieties of palms ( i personally do not know of any that are not edible but i woudl not say that you can eat all of them without doing research on the location you may find yourself in) you can eat the nuts as well as the heart (the part in the middle of the tree) and if you go to that much work you might as well use the fronds as in your shelter. you can also eat the baby shoots.

speaking of 'shoots' most bamboo shoots are edible but avoid the giant bamboo as it contains cyanide some other species have toxins but they can be boiled out so if you are unfamiliar boil them all, then slice thinly and enjoy. you can also use a section of bamboo as a bowl or a vessel for storing and transporting water. i have had dumplings in china that were stuffed inside of bamboo leaves as well.

some other recognizeable foods in the jungle, again depending on where in the world you find yourself in the jungle....breadfruit, bananas/plantain, papaya, sugarcane, yams.

usually you will find the greatest selection of vegetation along creeks, rivers, etc in the jungle because the canopy of the tree tops drowns out a good amount of sunlight where as there is an opening for the sunlight to reach the plants at the lower levels near a waterway.
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