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I'm just starting to go fishing again since I was young and will be taking only my small plano tackle box. My question is what are the fishing basics i should put into it like hooks and lures and lines etc.?

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And you are old now??? J/K Couldn't resist!! :D:

Some basics for the box:
leader line
assorted weights
assorted swivels
assorted hooks (single and treble)
some lures (metal and rubber)
bait (cheese, blood, etc)
assorted bobbers
needle nose pliers
cotton rag

Bring along a hat, a lunch, and some time, and you are set!

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Needle noxe pliers (great for getting hooks out )

An asortment of Hooks depending on what you want to fish for I use small hooks but I like to pan fish then again I also catch big fish on them
a few decent bobbers I use the stick kind I dont like the round ones
a pack or two of plastic grubs or worms
a stringer (for all the fish you catch )
a few weights of various size (I like the clamp on kind )
a couple diffrent cheap top baits like a hula poper, torpedo , and a scum frog for when you want to catch bass on a weeded over lake
a couple of stink bait holding trebbil hooks if you want to catch catfish
and a rooster tail or two
and if you have room a small spool of spare fishing line

Oh yeah and a roll up tape measuer you know the kind they use to measuer clouth sizes that way when you catch a fish you know how big it really is and can add a few inches for a good story

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All of the above mentioned gear will get you all set. In the 50+ years that I have been fishing I have found that the most important things that you need are a good sense of humor, some humility (the fish is usually smarter than you are) and a good respect for the environment.

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I would decide on what is available as target species. I have a plano guide series tackle box that I take everywhere. The main things I have I would say to always stock up on is your terminal tackle (hooks, weights, slip sinker stoppers, swivels). Next I would add the lures, baits, etc.. that you know will be used. If you never plan on fishing for a species don't bother with the waist of space.
Add a pair of fingernail clippers to cut line, needle nose pliers. If you use bug spray avoid anything with deet in it. It is the biggest fish repellent out there.
How small of a box are we talking to? I highly recommend the plano 4600 box.
It isn't to much larger then a normal tray box, but it holds a ton more. I actually a huge chunk of my tackle into 2 of these boxes. Another option that I prefer is to condense down your tackle to be specific to what you plan on fishing for that day and add it into a backpack. I carry some survival/firstaid gear with me whenever I go out fishing (you never know)

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I'd to that an assortment of small spoons like these

Triple teasers
Fashion accessory

**** Nite Spoons
Spoon lure Bait Fishing lure Fishing bait Earrings

Both are lightweight spoons that you can use for casting in small ponds, and creeks. They are also lightweight enough that they can be floated underneath a slip float and "jigged".

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Rapala's any and or all of them or just the firetiger color ,Silver with blue stripe Little Cleos.Also inline styrofoam floats in bright colors set with tiny splitshot 10" above a aberdeen hook for panfish . Bait with redworms of grubs or minny's ,fish straight down suspended or with a bobber. Purple Gitzats on a lead jig for smallies
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