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What to do when civil war/genocide breaks out ? ?

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I've been wondering if anyone can give some help on this subject, what would be the best way for a family with young kids and/or babies to handle this situation ?
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Have you all been noticing these cleverly "scripted" scenarios such as the one posed in the OP? --all by people who have just joined (short timers/posters).

All designed to elicit responses (take names) from the people here.

It's so transparent.

“South Africa plunged into the mother of all battles… the time has arrived’ – Cosatu trade union leader Vavi…’ - Farm-land invaded, cattle-mutilations in Hartbeespoort, Kosmos and Lanseria

People are warned to stock up with food, water and petrol countrywide because of the very aggressive strike by some 250,000 workers horrific chaos countrywide. Far less noticeable: three more farming-regions have been invaded, accompanied by cattle-mutilations in the Hekpoort, Lanseria and Kosmos regions.

And what is the message from the ‘responsible authorities?’ Cosatu trade union leader Vavi exhorted the strikers with his rousing: “We going to have a mother of all battles. This year 2011 we going to be needing all of your energies. That time has arrived we want your unity now!”.

In Pinetown, strikers attacked workers'vehicles with knobkieries. A group of 40 organised, armed attackers walked between factories to count the number of white people who were working.The whites were threatened that 'the women would be raped, stripped naked and taken to squatter camps."In Durban, chaos erupted when cops targetted large groups of strikers with water-cannon and life gunfure.Last night roads in and out of greater Johannesburg were blocked with burning-tyre barricades.Vanderbijlpark access was also blocked, trucks stopped and drivers assaulted. The violence in Soweto continues and houses have been torched.Burning-tyre barricades are blocking traffic on the N14 highway at West Rand, Gauteng.In Cape Town and its northern Tygerberg and Cape Flats regions, strikers are reportedly carrying out many acts of arson and violence.Germiston police have also been forced on striking-groups and stone-throwers are endangering residents around Wakeville.There are three farm-occupations, cattle-mutilations in Hekpoort, Lanseria and Kosmos (Magalies)
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South Africa..... don't know what the gunlaws are there but if you can arm yourself and become proficient then you are well ahead of the game. Also, try to find a safe haven in case something does happen. Plan ahead as mentioned. Think, where will you go? How will you protect yourself.

It is near to impossible to get a fire arm licence now many ppl who had fire arm licences had to have their guns destroyed because their replication was rejected. Hubby was one of the lucky once that had his approved. You are also only allowed one and gun and if a hunter two hunting rifles.

I applied for a handgun but my application was rejected :(
Find a husband that has a brain, then you'll have one.
I am married have been for 10yrs now.
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