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What should my [email protected] spit

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What is the best .380 ammo for edc defense. When I am off duty I always carry my Bodyguard .380. I usually carry a 1911 in colder months but in the summer I have a hard time concealing it. So I fall back on the [email protected] I want the best ammo I can have since I am working with a smaller caliber. Currently I am using Horniday critical defense but I am wondering what others with more experience think.
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The advice of using FMJ for 7.65 Browning is well known and valid.

But recent .380 ACP loads did perform well (regarding both penetration and expansion), even when shot out of "pocket pistols".

I have tests available for a Ruger LCP in .380 ACP. Sure penetration was limited to 6" (ballistic gel) but it did expand and considering the small package and the short barrel it can be regarded as OK.

EDIT: Sorry, ammo was Speer Gold Dot, 90 grain.
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