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What medications should you pack in your B.O.B, or even just EDC?

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I know for the most part a pain killer, and some form of anti-diarrheal pills, and anti-allergy (unless your lucky enough to not have allergies:D:) and of course your prescription medications. Is their anything else you would want to carry? Sorry if this has been discussed before, I searched for it and couldnt find what I was looking for.
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EDC has the basics for comfort of daily life...fever/pain reducer, small medical kit includes antibiotic cream, bandages and some crazy glue, etc..they usual.
in gold n flu season I add symptoms meds.
my BOB has a much larger med kit that assumes I may have suffered some injuries in the bug out process or will encounter physical hurts/damages along the way.

the bug-in medical supplies are very complete and the wife and I both have training because of past career responsibilities so we are able to utilize the medical supplies.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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