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What medications should you pack in your B.O.B, or even just EDC?

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I know for the most part a pain killer, and some form of anti-diarrheal pills, and anti-allergy (unless your lucky enough to not have allergies:D:) and of course your prescription medications. Is their anything else you would want to carry? Sorry if this has been discussed before, I searched for it and couldnt find what I was looking for.
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I keep Benadryl tabs, sinus/pain tabs, Chlortriemton, aspirin (325mg for heart cases I may encounter with no contraindications), ibuprofen, antacid tablets, antidiarrheals, and look to later incorporate liquid Benadryl (for anaphylactics who forgot the Epi-pen) and Dramamine. An SHTF scenario longer than a week or two demands oral antibiotics and heavier painkillers. My topicals are itch cream, hand cream (in toiletries), and antibiotic salve.
I go with benadryl,myself .Some of the grandkids get to wheezin from stings...Any recommendations on any particular brand.?.
You can't go wrong with the Benadryl brand. Be sure your meds aren't made in China. Some counterfeit meds have been coming from there. If they're wheezing get an allergist to advise the need for an EpiPen. Meanwhile get the children's liquid from CVS as it tends to react a bit quicker.

One lady (a highly educated counselor) didn't bring an EpiPen or Benadryl when she and her son went to a restaurant near where I live. He made it a point to not ingest allergic nuts. At this dinner it didn't happen and the child died despite her giving CPR and using an EpiPen Junior borrowed from a Good Samaritan (kid was 17/male).

Not to lecture you but it's something that's been on my mind every time there is mention of the EpiPen.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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