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I would think any of the reflex sights (is there a 1.5 - 2 power variant) or the red dot stuff would help you hit a man-sized target out to 200 yards.

Let me be the first on the thread: if you wanted precision, the AK is not the tool. I would not burn a lot of cycles looking for the perfect optics for that platform, at the expense of other, more important preps.

I have an AK. I keep it clean and simple. Its not a precision screw driver in my tool box. Its a hammer.
Thanks mate for helping clear up the AK being the god gun that many think it is. Ive had posters on here tell me they are accurately hitting targets at the 300m mark lol. Scoping a 47 is like scoping a muskett. If you are looking for a weapon with capabilities of mid range accuracy (500m and under) and stopping power at these ranges, the 556 is the way to go, unless you have the quid for a .30 caliber combat rifle. If you must scope a 47, a simple Halo type would be your best bet, for it is a 200m rifle regardless of what gadgets you apply.
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