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Unless you trust your life with it, I'd stick with iron sights. With sufficient practice, there is very little difference between a scoped group and an iron sighted one, when one learns how to shoot iron sights properly. Getting 2" groups with iron sights at 100 yards is really no problem.

I do have an eotech 512 ontop of my Saiga conversion. I use the scout mount to mount the red dot. I have it for faster target aquisition and not increased accuracy.

Most AK scope mounts do not hold zero. The scope mounts that attach to the side mounting lug are fine. Most that replace the reciever cover are not reliable.

To make a well placed shot, you only need 1x per 100 yards. Keep in mind, you really want to see whats around you. A scope is like looking down a tube. You are unaware of whats going around you. This is why red dots or iron sights are better.

Take a look at tech sights. They make sturdy rear peep sight for the AK that is just like the AR-15 rear sight. I have their AK and SKS sight and they work great.
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