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What is your survival gear, prepping fetish? Its the thing that no matter how many you have, you can find some kind of justification to buy more.

I guess mine is backpacks.

My current backpack list:

Jansport cloth backpack
Camelbak raider
Maxpedition Proteus Versipack
Maxpedition Falcon II Pygmy
Maxpedition Condor II
Maxpedition Vulture II
Medium ALICE
Kelty Big Bend

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Mine would be knives. I have all the other camping gear, guns, food preps, water storage, etc. I have more knives now than I could need in a lifetime - mostly fixed blades. But each time I go to a gun show or happen across one that appears to be really well crafted, I buy it. I tell myself it would be good barter, but then I know most will already have a blade and I would hate to part with mine.

Truth is, I see a kind of artistic expression in the custom blades. The good ones anyway, and I can't help but appreciate the work that goes into making them. So, if anyone needs a good knife, let me know.

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i guess like you diff backpacks for diff chores i might need them for .. second one is hand bult brenchrifles at one time

like the following areas

laptop bag for work
daypack filled with little items for weekends around the city
daypack bag for the weekend trips to the cabinfilled with cloths and other access along with a canvas tote bag for the supplies here and there
camelback for running and working out ..
partol camelback for work if half to go out in th field to work .

by the way i throught this thread was going to get moved to the darkside there bud after the title..

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This may raise moral qualms from other members, but here goes:

My fetish is stealing handfuls of medical supplies when I visit my doctor(s). Nothing really expensive (as if that is a valid excuse), but rather stuff that is in the drawers in the exam room: Hypo needles and sharps, big bandages, little packets of Neosporin. I do an inspection of my supplies before I go so I do not just grab randomly, but rather I have a mental list of items I need.

Some stuff, like the little packets of Neosporin and big bandages I could probably track down and buy myself, but hypos and sharps are not available to the general public, I am told, unless you are a diabetic. Otherwise it is against the law (indeed, when my brother was a druggie, years ago, he got arrested right in front of me for felony possession of drug paraphernalia: a needle).

I don't take hardware like sterilized scissors and tweezers, as I am afraid those will be missed, but rather stuff that they go through a lot of on a daily basis. I do not see it as a big expense for the doctor (another excuse). I do not take so many so as to alert the restocking person. (yet another excuse). So yeah, it might even count as a mental illness.
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