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Here's a shocker,......I carry a Victorinox Hiker in my front pocket and a carbon steel Opinel #8 in the plier pocket of my Key bibs. I'm a farmer and carry what works....kind'a like Vice-Grips.

I've eviscerated at least 3 Nebraska whitetails with that razor-sharp Opinel when I left my Morseth laminate semi-skinner on the front seat of my truck. I can't believe that the Opinels are not more highly touted here. They're light, sturdy, can be made scary-sharp, cheap and can be stowed any and everywhere at little cost......why not? I've never had one fail me, yet, but I've not batonned one through a concrete block, either. Gimme a break!

Most of us that own one....own more than one, because they are so effective. They have won international acclaim in design excellence, along with the Canadian Belt Knife from Grohmann Cutlery. There's another knife that should get more mention than it does!

Bon Chance
Looks like Opinel is the French counterpart to Mora. Most folks don't like the round, wooden handle ( certainly not Americans) and Mora offers non slip, better ergonimically shaped handles, for the same price. 'course, blade quality is debatable. AFA the Grohmann, it's a little high end for 440 stainless.
1 - 2 of 109 Posts
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