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My favorite knife pocket was my Leatherman blast knife which came with my leather man it was a two piece set. I would have to say now it is one of two. I have a frost dragon claw I have carried with me since I bought it in New Hampshire in 95 . I bought it at a Flea market for like 15 bucks it is the one knife I have never lost. it was metalic green car paint on it It finnally stripped it of all the paint just a few days ago with all the use it just wore off. I am painting it now with some satin olive green rustoleum and putting it back together it is made out of surgical steel and has cut anything I have ever needed to cut . The blade has rarely ever needed a touch up as far as sharpening . It looks like a 4 inch claw the tip is regular edge and the back half is serated and it is like a razor it has never been dull. : ) the only thing that it is not good about it is that it cannot be used in a thrust or stab only a slash however I would not want to get slashed with it the blood loss would be bad and massive. I also have an outdoor edge neck knife that fits in my pocket in a hard cover and I love it, It has usually not needed alot of sharpening and is a wonderful all round little knife can cut, skin , and the blade is about 3 inches but great handle is a curved tear drop it fits great I have no idea why outdoor edge stopped making them it is one of my favorites.
1 - 1 of 109 Posts
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