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what do carry around in everyday carry ..

i carry a kensington sling bag loaded with the following items

-x-Apple Ipad unit with sleeve for i keep on the ipad loaded with the dvd and book library along with cabin pantry and supply program on the unit along with some music also ..with it allways beening with me i can check diff thing that i have in the works along with beening able to check and send e=mail and do a few other things..
-x-set of accessories for the ipad
-x-ear phones unit in own carry case
-x-power cord unit for ipad
-x-screen cleaning cloth in bag
-x-cell phone power cord
-x-reading glass with hardshell case
-x-over the counter meds in ziplock plastic bag
-x-surefire flashlight for use if the power goes out in the subway or need in the car
-x-extras money for use as need in a ziplock plastic bag

this is a basically what i keep with me all the time when iam off work for my travels as it need

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It varies.right now. One of two Maxpedition versipacks or Arcteryx fanny packs or an Arcteryx day pack. I just transfer the contents: PSK,FAK, food, water, cordage and weapon of choice for that day depending on where I'm going.

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On my person

Glock 23,BM skirmish knife,SAK OHT trekker,Case mini 2 blade,cash [ about 500.00],Invicta watch,paracord bracelet,mini flashlights [2],Olight on belt,spare mag for G-23,pocket pistol [ N.A.22mag & or S&W 442/Roghbaugh 9mm].CCW permit,wallet w/credit cards,Belt,pen,pad,C/S marker[ yawara],and a sh!tload of stuff in the vehicle too.

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I carry everything in my car which is always only a few steps away... everything in there i could possibly need in shtf.
But you are a mom, they have everything LOL

Gerber folder
Pen & Pad
Beretta 96 Centurian & Mag
Small survival kit
Partridge in a pear tree

The GHB is in the truck

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My daily carry is generally a high-quality folding knife and equally high-quality multi-tool. Three Ws: Wallet, watch, wireless phone, a fourth W! A wrench. A small, original Crescent Brand Crestalloy Crescent Wrench, keychain size. Secondary keys have that wrench on it, primary has a large locking D carabiner.

Anything else falls into the category of carry when needed or fall back to vehicular kit. During the winter I generally carry the above and include, at the absolute minimum, a Doug Ritter Survival Pak. If I am carrying a messenger bag or Maxpedition of some type or another, I carry more comprehensive things that are added due to inclement weather or the threat of same, etc.

If you have kit(s) in your vehicle, you have to be very careful about that. I mean, unless you are wealthy then it is no big deal really. You can replace as needed.

I cannot tell you how many people I have read about over the years on forums who had the vehicle broken into or stolen outright and their major, most excellent gear is gone forever.

I have a small Eagle brand OD Green hydration pack that I am working on as a dedicated car kit. Since all of us in the family have much better and larger packs, this seemed to be the sacrificial pack to place in the trunk of the car for emergencies.

Likewise, stuff that goes into it will be essentials and nothing that won't hurt too badly should it be stolen.

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I have a BOB in the vehicle with advanced supplies if I needed them so I go pretty simple with my EDC. A Spyderco clipped in my pocket. An LED flashlight. And a Multitool. I keep a few bandaids in a cargo pocket of my pants because I get scraped and nicked occasionally and have needed them. Also have a cell phone.

I don't worry too much about the BOB in my van. I keep it in the cargo compartment which isn't accessible from the cab. A smash and grab might get my GPS unit, but they'd have a hard time getting into the cargo compartment. They'd have no reason to try anyway, since they can look through the windows and see that it's empty. I have a pistol safe in the cab, bolted to the floor. Sometimes it has a pistol in it, sometimes not.

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CRKT M21 knife
small diamond stone
leatherman wave
leatherman crunch
only keep a few bills in wallet/ rest in a front pocket
Israel 4" battle dressing
surefire flashlight
cell phone
thats just to go to the store, thinking about a small camera case on belt now that it's summer to keep stuff in.

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my backpack:

first aid kit
AA Maglite
chewing gum
ink pen
cell phone charger
rain jacket that folds into itself for storage
hand sanitizer
pocket size lotion/cream
multitool for bicycle
Camelback podium bottle (water bottle)


Peanut lighter
AAA Maglite solitaire
bottle opener

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wallet; spair car key, signal mirror, cuff key, some cash.
zip drive w/ important docs and survival info.
nitrile gloves; 2 pair
cell phone; spair battery, car charger w/AC adapt.
river rock AA light
G2 LED w/ spair 123's and red filter
leatherman Wave; small bic lighter, extra AA, and small tweezers in case
keys; small knife, carabiener, 550 lanyard, small compass, vehicle and house keys, gun lock key, small fire steel.
Cold steel recon 1
oakley flak jacket sun glasses
gum or some hard candies
strong ink pen

Depinding where i'm going or how far from the vehicle i'm going, these may go or stay with the bag in car;

XD .45acp service w/ TLR-3
2x spair mags
Fox labs small OC
21" ASP w/glass breaker tail cap

I live in a small town and can walk to any point in less than 30 min so my EDC is very basic. My BOB is my EDC bag but i do keep some spairs in the trunk, mainly a small med kit, spair cloths and boots, poncho, and some water. My EDC is designed to get me home while in town within a few hours. If i'm going out of town i grab my bag and rifle and throw it in. Thank god i live in a city that i can walk around with an uncased(yes..mine is cased) AK and nobody cares.

Funny story, i was comming back from a range trip and had my rifle in its bag and pistol on my hip. On my way to my front door my rifle somehow slipped out of the bag and landed behind me. Right as an police officer was driving by i picked it up and was doing a function check. needless to say he stopped so i put it back on the ground and put my pistol on the ground next to it and stepped back. he gave me a funny look and then kinda laughed and said he was just stopping to ask where i got it b/c he wants After about an hour long convo about the extreamly under estimated AK, he left. I love my town.

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CamelBak Hawg backpack
-canteen/w cup
-t-shirt and pants
-socks,hat and leather gloves
-lock pick set
-fixed blade knife
-frog gigg
-matches in container
-blast match
-pocket chain saw
-3 trioxine bars
-signal mirror
-bullion cubes
-6'x6' thin,clear plastic sheet
-2 quick clot bandages
-1 triangle bandage
-2 compression bandages
-tweezers and nail clippers
-3 razor blades
-peroxide pads and antiseptic cream
-100' 550 cord
-local area map
-small flashlight
-1 freezedried meal
-3 small energy bars (non chocolate)
-3 coffee packs
-2 oatmeal singles
-lots of sugar packs
-pecans and sunflower kernals
-1 full sized pistol
-4 extra magazines
-holster for pistol
-plain colored boonie hat
The bag stays loaded and ready to go. It also travels to work and on trips with me. But, if the bag can't go I always carry a .32 pocket pistol, folding pocket knife, credit card multi-tool, bic lighter and a silver dollar.

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Do you keep it with you?

Those of you who say the you carry Maxpediton shoulder bags. Do you carry it with you all the time? Or leave it in your car? I guess I am really confused about those who say they have an EDC. I know that I have my pocket full all the time and still don't have what I would like to carry. I was looking at something like the LAPG gear organizer to keep things in. Any suggestions?

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No sane person carries all of that all of the time. Unless you are carrying it around in the car and then it is not EDC, that is a BOB.


Cell phone
Keltec p3at in the pocket
Wallet with CCards, ccw and id
keys with SAK/container with meds and ferro rod
$$$ in a Gerber moneyclip/utility blade

I forgot about the paracord braided belt. 90 feet of cord with an exacto blade woven in.

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What program is this?

the apple application store has a pantry program for the iphone and it has in the program a section for diff items to add to the pantry for diff supplies like bathroom and kitchen items plus you can make up sub sections in the file you can make up lists of items yo have in stock and you can add to the list as it need.. ..
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