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That you had the only hand in it being there.

Be it from animals you raised, or wild game and fish you harvested.
Or from the garden or wild gathered plants.

Little by little, I find my diet is less dependent on store bought foods.
I will probably never be fully self suffient, but some days I notice that all I consumed was what I produced.
Today was such a day:
3 egg omelet
2 patties of venison/wild hog breakfast sausage

2 pork chops off the same wild hog
steamed turnips and tops
purplehull peas with snaps from last summer planting
(I did cook some storebought rice to go with the gravy I made,....hey!, I got 3 lifetime supply of rice,....have to include it whenever I can.:D:)

Leftover pork chops with mo rice and gravy.:D:

I better go with a veggie diet tomorrow.:upsidedown:

What was on ya'lls plates today?

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Three scramble eggs for breakfast with cream
Boiled wild yam (dioscorea) and wild lactuca (as greens) for lunch
Stir-fried beef and hash browns for supper fried in coconut oil.

I is a good cook.... (and no, I am pushing 60 and my cholesterol is very low.)

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Good thought Czech...
Had cooked cracked wheat for breakfast (didn't grow it, but will be trying amaranth next year)
For lunch homemade rolls with home-canned salmon
Dinner was stir fry which the only thing I grew was the sprouts, but included a bit of moose meat...We have only a few things left put away from my first garden this year and hope to vastly improve next year.

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Coffee with cream and sugar x 4

Venison cheese and jalepeno summer sausage
a piece of coffee cake

Dirty rice made with venison

1 ribeye-med rare
some wild hog tenderloin
sliced mushrooms cooked in garlic butter
Mashed potatos
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